Wednesday, December 31

Hello guys! Today is the last day of 2014. How are you going to celebrate this day? With family? Friends? I decided to have a home steamboat session with my mom and someone special. My mum make the most delicious chili in the world! Can’t wait for it!! Hehe

2014 is definitely not a good year for me! Too many sadness and disappointments happened. 

A new year is like a blank book.  It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Let us leave behind sadness, regrets and painful moments and have a new start full of joy this new year. It is never to late to start again but yes it is always very early when one gives up - QUOTE FROM GOOGLE

What I’m looking forward in 2015 ... making changes, happiness, success and of course good health! 

Bring up your drinks and lets rock this new year eve party like never before. Once again, wish you all Happy New Year and have a great day ahead! 

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Friendship to be continue...2015

Thursday, December 25

Hello! First of all, wishing you all Merry Christmas! May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish.Today, I am going to talk about friendship! I never post anything related to my personal issues. But since today is Christmas, I decided to write something special today!

I never realize how important friends are until i step into working world. I try to be friendly with everyone but not all are as friendly as i thought. And now I learnt, never aspect everyone is friendly and can be friends. After graduate, sometimes, I feel sad. I feel like i do not have any friends. Friends got their new life new job....I feel alone. I can never find anyone to eat with me, shopping with me, travel with me, watch movie with me. I wish I can get back to those time where we meet everyday, we chit chat and share our story to each others! 

But, i still get emotional whenever I'm alone. Working place seemed a bit cold and heartless. I use to talk a lot, people always say I'm the life of party, there will be full of laughter wherever i go.  Without noticing, I've slowly become quiet, introvert, keep all my feeling in heart, run away from people....

I need to get out from this shitty environment! I know its normal to have this feeling especially  when we grow older.  I miss my friends. I miss the old me. The Happy Me! There are some people in my life that really make me feel warm. These people are the reason every time i laugh. (wiping tears) 

We know each other for almost 8 years. I never thought we can be so close until today. We celebrate Christmas every year. Even we are now far apart, but still, we make sure we meet each other on special days. We went through a lot. The first time we go for marathon, the first time we go for camping....too many first time that we did together! She know me so well. I guess she's the only 1 will ever laugh at my joke even its not funny at all! She's my best friend when I'm studying in secondary school. She never judge how i look, what i did....We did so many crazy and stupid things. All these memories will always keep in my heart! Always...

When I was in secondary school, I have more guys friends than girl friends. I don't know why, but I think maybe I'm too man. These guys never treat me like a girl. We call each other brother! We only meet once a year.  I thought we would be awkward but guess what, we still so close, we laugh so hard! Time flies, and now we all have our very own career! Let's earn more money and have a good life ahead! Thanks for dinner we had few days ago, thanks for make me smile once again! I love this picture so much! Thank you for the camera who didn't able to show his face! Finally we have a group photo again after 5 years! 

Phew! This guy, is the funniest guy I ever meet! He is my secondary school friend + neighbor! A guy who came from another state. I took the first step to talk to him, since then we're friend until today! We have same family background, we have same hobby (travel), we never hate each other even we always make fun of each other. Trust me! He is soooooo funny! I laugh so hard by just looking at his face! we're so close until people always thought we're couple. Sorry people, make you all disappointed!  He is the only guy who always listen to my problem! He has give me so much confident and always encourage me to do whatever I like! He is one of the human who actually encourage me to start to blog! BAHAHAHAHA! He needs a girlfriend if anyone interested pm me! 

Oh! These is anothe rgroup of friends that I am so happy to have them in my life! We only study in same school for 2 years (Form 6) . Yet, we have so much unforgettable memories!  No one will ever know we will still keep in touch! The best thing we had ever do is chit chat until midnight! We go for choir competition together, we laugh together, we play until midnight! We planned for taiwan trip for the coming year! I am so happy and can't wait for it! We just made our friendship to another level! 

These 3 human is the beeeeeeeeeest present i received in my University life! We've go through a lot together! Sadness, angry, funny... I miss the time we spend together! Its sad that I didnt make it to graduate together with them. I thought our friendship gonna end the moment I stop studying. Well, I was wrong! I wish there's a time machine, then I can travel back...hmm...  JAPANESE BUFFET!!!!!!!!!!!! Faster come back KL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every one of you are so special and important to me! I hope our friendship can last till the end of my life. Appreciate every single moment we've been through. Looking forward for more crazy thing to happen. See you all again in 2016!!! *hugs* 

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1600 Pandas Tour In Malaysia In Dataran Merdeka 1600熊猫游马

Wednesday, December 24

大家好! 首先,我要先预祝大家圣诞节快乐! 新年快乐! 

1600熊猫游大马! 可爱的熊猫终于来到大马啦!

上个星期日,我出席了1600只熊猫游马的推介礼! 能够亲眼并近距离的跟熊猫互动真的是太激动了! 大马是继台湾及香港之后,第三站举办巡迴展的亚洲国家。届时这批可爱的熊猫大军將在大马15个著名地標巡游与大家见面。

他,就是1600只熊猫的爸爸! 熊猫爸爸是法国著名艺术家保罗葛兰容(Paulo Grangon)。为了配合熊猫来到大马巡迴,他特別为大马民眾额外设计了8款富有大马特色的纸糊熊猫。



到了现场,第一件事情当然是抱一抱熊猫! 和熊猫拍张照片啊! 大家都很热情,有没有~


当晚的开幕式上,热情欢快的歌舞拉开了演出序幕! 曼妙的舞姿配上轻快的音乐。舞蹈员们为我们带来了各个民族的舞蹈,展现了我国的多元文化。









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吉打旅游:Beris Lake Vineyard葡萄园

Tuesday, December 23

For English Version Click HERE

你或许在其他国家看过葡萄园,你也或许在金马伦看过葡萄园。可是,你有没有想过在马来西亚吉打,你也一样可以看见葡萄园的踪影!在吉打的吉打州锡县Ternas村有着一个很多人都不知道的葡萄园——Beris Lake Vineyard. 这个地方比想象中的容易找多了,就在高速马路旁,你点也不偏僻!

下了车,你会发现你眼前是一大片的湖水。不要怀疑,你的确身处在马来西亚。这里四周的环境真的很漂亮,有花有草有树~ 还没走进葡萄园,你就已经可以开始感觉到所谓的“世外桃源”原来就是这么的一回事。不说你不知,原来这里是马来西亚的第一个葡萄园!厉害吧~

不要以为只看不买不需要给钱。入门票RM6 ( 成 )。感觉这六块钱好像是创新高呀!我在google查了一下,发现几年前都不超过5块欸~感叹马币水月不留人呐~ 可是想了想,男的马来西亚竟然可以种植葡萄,想必费用一定很高。为了证明我爱大马,为提倡游大马精神,去去6块钱算得了什么!




你会发现走了这么久,怎么都闻不到那种甜甜的水果香。直到你经过ISABELLA葡萄,你会发现,你周围的空气好像都变的很清新!把你的鼻子,慢慢的靠近ISABELLA 葡萄,轻轻的吸了一口气(请用鼻子),哇~~~~是不是很清甜啊?! 



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