Natta Cosme’s Charity Fund Raiser

Thursday, December 5

Natta Cosme’s Charity Fund Raiser

Too many disaster happened recently. People lost their family members, friends, neighbours, home….they need our support. Many people are eager to help by donating to charities or perhaps directly to victim.

Many organizations are doing their part as a community to carry out their social responsibility, so do Natta Cosme. Natta Cosme is doing “Natta Cosme’s Charity Fund Raiser” help to raise fund for the Typhoon Haiyan.

Natta Cosme provides numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people. These products include skin care, body wash and make up set. You can always find the best and newest products at Natta Cosme.

How about you as an individual? Want to help but don’t know how to start? Now here’s a easy way where you can help the victims out!  NOW..For every donation or charity purchase, you will receive a Natta Cosme angpau pocket s for free. While stock last.

Donation will go through Fo Guang Shan (佛光山) Malaysia, and they will arrange to Philippine Fo GUang Shan.

Typhoon Haiyan death toll rises to over 5200.  

Typhoon Haiyan killed thousands in the Philippines. Many victims lost their family members. victims wandered the streets without medicine, food or water. They are weak. They are seeking for  help.

Supplies of food and water are even running dangerously low in hardest-hit areas. They need water and food to survive. 

"In Natta Cosme, we strongly believe that absolute beauty does not stem solely from the external perfect skin, the internal beauty expressed through various kind acts is equally crucial to show your unique gorgeousness as well. Natta Cosme has been committing to the meaningful line; life gives to the giver and takes from the taker. The less valuable things you are having may mean the world to others; by contributing to others tiny things you have, you will be rewarded in some other ways." Natta Cosme

Show your love. Save the world.

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