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One Utama is the the world's fourth-largest mall with more than 650 shops, Asia's largest indoor rock climbing facility, massive rooftop garden with 500 species of exotic plants and indoor rainforest with koi ponds and freshwater aquarium. 

I always hang out with friends. We watch movie, play bowling, go for karaoke, shopping and so on. Hang out with best friends can be so exciting and fun. What if hang out with bloggers? This is the first time I hang out with bloggers! And yes, we are all hunting for food. Where? It’s Wonder Food Fest at One Utama.  Let me introduce these beautiful bloggers : Choulyin, Silviana, Jia Qi, and Yuh Juin. 
Photo credit to JiaQi

Wonder Food    ! Food with fun! Spend *RM50 (ONECARD member) or *RM80 at any ONECARD Food & Beverage outlets and enjoy unlimited fun activities. All happening on every Saturday and Sunday, 12pm – 6pm at LG Oval & LG Promenade. 

With collaboration of The Butterfly Project and One Utama, 50 invited bloggers with be invited to join this food fest! I’m so so so so glad that can be one of the lucky one to join this event. We are also be given a passport. As you can see, the  highlighted spot is the spot where we should visit and try out their signature food. It's a must to finished those highlighted spot. However, five of us fnished 14 out of 15 spot! Weheee...


Our first stop, LAMMEEYA. At LAMMEEYA we get to try their delicious steam rice set! We have ordered 4 different set of meals. Assam Squid Prawn, Assam Chicken, Steam Pork with ‘Dong Choy’, Deep Fried Spanish Mackerel. Rice set meal come with a drink, soup, steam rice and selected dish.

Deep Fried Spanish Mackerel – It’s not oily and their fish is fresh. Look at the size of the fish. It's almost same size with the plate. Really worth :p
Assam Squid Prawn / Assam Chicken – A very spicy dish! For those who can’t eat spicy, these two dhishes might make you sweat A LOT and make sure you order ice drink :D
Steam Pork with ‘Dong Choy’ – Not too salty. A steam pork always perfect when serve with white rice. A traditional Chinese dish!  
2.) BBQ Chicken
Bbq Chicken is the first brand in the world who use 100% olive oil from Europe for frying. Beside that, BBQ Chicken use fresh instead of frozen chicken and fresh raw materials. All BBQ Chicken outlets, products and processes in Malaysia are Halal-certified by JAKIM. Muslin or Non-Muslim friends and enjoy their food without any worries. In this stop, BBQ Chicken have served us with their signature Chicken! Nom Nom………. I need more……..

Golden Olive Chicken – crispy battered chicken which fried in light live oil. No strong seasoning. It’s suitable for those who don’t like oily food. I feel that this fried chicken is kinda dry. I prefer chicken with sauce.
Korean Charbroiled – A chicken which marinated with Korean herbs.
Hot Hot Drums – A super delicious spicy chicken! It’s spicy enough to make me sweat! Even it’s spicy but still can taste the freshness of the chicken! Spicy lover? Go for this.  
Jerk BBQ – One of the best seller in BBQ Chicken! Lipsmacking sweet, salty and little bit of spicy. What a mouth salivating sauce that I can't get enough of!
3.) VIVO
Here come our 4rd stop. This is the  first time I visit t VIVO. VIVO is famous with their pizza. What make all of us surprise is that VIVO also have SUPERB DELICIOUS dessert! At VIVO, we are served with 3 signature dishes! 1 all time favorite pizza, 1 main course and 1 dessert! We all girls were crazy over the dessert! We take picture until the ice-cream melt!

Volcanic Chocolate with Ice-cream – THE MUST TRY DESSERT! Crispy outer layer of chocolate brownie. Cut it off with your spoon, and the hot chocolate just flow out. YEsh! The chocolate is still hot. The hot chocolate melts the Vanilla ice-cream. Can you imagine when the feeling of hot and cold are in your mouth at the same time. It’s really melt my heart. For the moment, we all girls didn’t say anything, and we enjoy the volcanic chocolate sooo sooo soooo much!

Baked Chicken Chop – Not too much of fat chicken. Fresh vegetable with chicken chop, rice and mushroom sauce. Affordable price.

Smoked Chicken BBQ - Chicken strips, fresh mushrooms, onions, red & green capsicums, black olives topped in Vivo's special BBQ sauce. Never thought that VIVO pizza can be so delicious. It’s so soft. At least my cheek didn’t feel tired when masticate the bread. 
If you're looking for something that less that RM10? delicious traditional food? Here's the place that you shouldn't miss! 

With concise furnishing, i feel so comfortable and relax while having tea break here. I would say, this is the place where suitable for elderly to spend their time with friends or family. Even their food like kuih muih are suitable for those who do not have strong teeth to eat :D


The first thing that attracted me it those colorful sponge cake and macaroons in chillers! Rm3.30 for each macaroon! Those macaroons gonna melt your heart. Honestly, i'm not the type that like to eat sponge cake, but when look at those sexy sponge cake, i'm out of control! Ini saya mao...itu saya pon mao :D

If you're here, "Churros" is the food that you should ever try out. "churros", a donut in prisms shape. At Molten Lava, Churros will be fried in hot oil, until it turn into golden color. Not too sweet and not too oily. I prefer Churros more than those round donuts. Eat it while watching tv or movie....wooots :D


我知道 你和我 就像是豆漿油條  要一起 吃下去 味道才會是最好… …”I never thought that dough sticks can be sooooo perfect when it meet soy milk.  I LOVE YOO, located at Lower Ground Floor, Promenade shop. I LOVE TOO stuffs are so friendly.

Looking for something more than dough stick? What about porridge. There are three types of porridge to choose : Porridge with dry scallop and Porridge with dry oyster and peanut. Chinese people use to eat dough sticks with porridge. Dip the dough sticks into soy milk and porridge... yam yam...


Annyeong Haseyo 안녕하세요!!! Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights is simple Korean food outlet established in 2008 in Malaysia. 'Ko Hyang' means hometown in Korean. We have brought with us our daily traditional recipe of country style home-cooked meals from our hometown in Korea. Ko Hyang now offers patrons in Malaysia the experience of savoring Korean home-cooked meals never before so authentic. As with the tradition, all meals are cooked without using MSG seasoning. The selection of rice, vegetables, meat and seafood dishes, as well as the traditional noodles, are truly an utmost healthy and nutritional meal for everyone. - Ko Hyang

Been visited to so many Korean Restaurant, what really make me surprise is the rice. Their rice is a bit dry. I like to eat "dry rice". The rice is so special until the smell of the rice is still in my mouth eve after drinking some cold green tea! 


"Cendol is one of the distinctive cuisines in Malaysia.  MrCendol’s green cendol stripes are made from local ingredients - fresh pandan leaves, sayur manis, pure santan (coconut milk), red beans, rich brown sugar, No preservatives or colouring added and with individual preference sweetness had won the customers favorite and travelers towards cendol in Malaysia." Mr.Cendol

Mr.Cendol menu includes hot & cold drinks , snacks , noodles & rice meals for the individual & family , prepared in accordance with strict standards of cleanliness . The 5 favorite cendol : Cendol Special, Cendol Mangkuk, Cendol Ais Cream, Cendol pulut and Cendol Cawan. 

Picture speak a thousand word. Whatever you order, it look exactly like what you saw you the banner. At least for me it's exactly the same! It's really worth to give to a try. Malaysian use to drink cendol at roadside store while chit chat with their friends or family, especially during peak traffic hour. Mr.cendol has bringing this distinctive cuisines into shopping mall. Why not experince this?!


Burger become one of the trend in year 2013. We can eat burger at anytime anywhere. Burger for lunch...burger for dinner. Marketers are now being so creative to attract different type of customers to fulfill customers needs.  Ninja Joe is an original Japanese quick serve concept best known for delicious PORK BURGER. 

At Ninja Joe, all you need to do is order your favorite burger, pay and wait for your burger! "Ding Dong"! Your burger and now ready...Look at how Ninja Joe being decorated. They moment i step into Ninja Joe, surround my delicious pork burger! 

Hikkori - “Quarter pounder pork patty with 2 pieces of bacon & BBQ sauce”. Ninja Joe boasts fresh, made to order, juicy pork patty servings packed between custom baked, ninja-sliced buns. No added preservatives or MSG. 

I like the juicy patty so much! Every single bite of the patty, meat results in a juicy, mouth-watering patty. 2 thick cut slices of bacon are inserted between the bun. Bacon smell so good. One word to describe the burger?"Juicy". Juicy patty, juicy vege, juicy bacon .....


One ingredient, with different cooking technique. There are 4 premium selection under Oyster King. For me, i like Garlic Oyster the most. When Oyster meet garlic, that's the perfect match! Garlic bring out the sweetness of the oyster. Beside Oyster, "LALA" is also one of the main ingredient in Oyster King menu. Both of them bring out the different taste and of course  bring you the different experience of eating oyster. 

What do you eat when you go to night market. I use to buy "Popiah" whenever i go to night market. Nigh market only open once a week. But now, i can buy "popiah" anytime! 

Sea seed club 1 Utama, located at lower ground floor with a big white signboard! Seaweed salad Popiah is made of Juicy Yam Bean, Spring Roll, Special Sauce, Crispy Crispy, Fresh Cucumber, Crunchy Carrot and Roasted Seaweed

Seaweed Popiah is so juicy. So, i ordered wasabi flavor. Hmmm...the wasabi doesn't taste strong, as the vege juice cover the original taste of wasabi. First bite, i can feel the every single taste of the ingredient. "crunch crunch"..."yum yum"!

Feast on the "Popiah" with tea. 5 types of tea available :
i) Jujube, Longan, Wolf Berry Tea ( brown sugar...jujube...longan...wolf berry )
ii) Pakistan Rose Tea ( rose )
iii) Japanese Genmai Green Tea ( steam green tea...toasted brown rice )
iv) Peach and Pineapple Fruit Tea ( dried peach...dried pineapple...rosehip...apple, orange                    peel...citric acid...licorie root..flavor )
v) Raspberry and Strawberry Fruit Tea ( raspberry...strawberry...hibiscus...apple )


Malaysian all time favorite! SS2 Goreng Pisang signature dishes is Banana Fritters. Beside banana fritters , there is a dishes where you MUST try - The Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake. Crispy skin with glutinous rice cake and super soft taro. Some people might feel the combination is weird but once you try, you will definitely ask for more. 

13.) BISOU

Girls favorite place. Looking for a place to rest or to eat some dessert after long hour of shopping? Visit to Bisau Cake Shop and enjoy your high tea like a princess. The shop is decorated with many different colors of cakes. 

Only RM6 for one cute and delicious cup cake! There are many kind of cup cakes available at Bisou Bake Shop. Different color, different decoration. A very identical texture and smooth. Each layer of the cupcakes virtually melt on the tongue without feeling any greasiness on finger.   

So, if you think Bisou is selling cupcakes only then it's so untrue! You can also order your birthday cake here! I wish this is my birthday cake! the cake look so cute! Any birthday girls here? Order your cake now!  


Jang Jang! The Chinese cuisine is here! Yong Tau Foo is a Chinese cuisine where some selected food is insert with fish paste. Yong Tao Foo is a widely known dishes where we can eat it everywhere. 

Food at here are all fresh. Many choices are available for you. At here, you can always eat them with dry noodles or soup noodles. What is the happiest moment? For me, is when i cant eat anything without worry about weight! Who cares about weight when delicious food in served in front of me!

**** JENG JENG JENG ****

After eating for so long, is time to have some fun! Airbrush time! I chose Mickey! Mickey is my all time favorite since i'm small. It's such a good memory!

At last, really thank you so much to 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Butterfly Project Malaysia for such a wonderful event! Really enjoyed it so much! 

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