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Tuesday, November 5

Originally named Cellnique , the brand has renamed to “B.Liv” by Cellnique to better reflect it’s objective of catering the confident, stylish, dynamic and on-the-go youth with a skin care routine. B.liv is very famous with their Blackhead and whiteheads series of products.   

B.Liv celebrate 4 good years of offering affordable and effective salon—quality skincare with the B.Liv Fabulous Four Pack. B.Liv Fabulous Four helps to clean whiteheads and blackheads. If you are having blackhead and whitehead problems, you should try B.Liv products. Beside that  it also helps to 

The pack consists of 4 products.

i)                    Immerse Me ( utmost moisture original japan silk mask ) 2pcs
ii)                   Off with those Heads ( blackheads sebum, gel ) 15ml & 30ml
iii)                 Hyaluronic Original ( high-potency active hydration ) 10ml
iv)                 Submerge Me ( moisturizing booster ) 3ml

Immerse Me ( utmost moisture original japan silk mask )
Main function : instant hydration + lasting moisturization

This moisturizing mask engages lavish boost of hydration that replenishes and sustains! Immerse Me is a salve for face parched and dry, as it soaks your skin in a jiffy, while ensuring skin’s longing hydration will never turn tail. It’s charge-carrying essences shoo away the dry spells from within, by alluring to skin and burrowing moisture into your deeper skin layer. 

Off with those Heads ( blackheads sebum, gel )
Main function : clear blackheads + whiteheads

This sebum gel extracts white & blackheads with ease -  without the need to painfully squeeze. It removes white & blackheads without violence or pain, and stop them from appearing again. The gel soften the clogging blocking your pores, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of all sores. 

1.            Use Off With Those Heads daily, morning and night, after cleanser.
2.            Pump 2 to 3 pea-size drops of Off With Those Heads onto your palm.
3.            Apply on T-zone areas, or areas with blackheads and whiteheads.

Apply it on the skin, and i feel a strong cooling sensation. People called it light cooling gel, but the cooling sensation is quite strong for me. Massage on the skin using circular motion. I like the scent where i smell like peppermint

Hyaluronic Original ( high-potency active hydration )
Main function : hydrating + moisture-retaining

A 100% pure hyaluronic water in solubilized solution – act as a super sponge to hold 1000 times its weight in moisture. It intensely moisturize and rehydrates skin, including the excessively dry skin, making it the focus of everyone’s attention! 

1) After cleansing and toning, apply 4-6 drops of hyaluronic original evenly over the face in
     the morning and night.
2) Follow with skin moisturizer, submerge me for best result.

This hyaluronic acid is in transparent. Do not have any scent or smell. The moment i apply it on my skin, the texture is abit sticky. It absorbed by skin easily and faster than other. 

Submerge Me ( moisturizing booster )
Main function : deep moisturizing + brightening + age preventing

This moisturizing essence hydrates and brightens your skin, and ensures that signs of aging are never seen. Submerge me provides instant relief from parched skin grief, by replenishing are retaining moisturization in your thirsty complexion. It brightens dull complexions and calm skin irritations, while suppressing the signs of premature aging.  

1.            Use Submerge Me daily, morning and night, after cleanser.
2.            Pump 2 to 3 pea-sized drops of Submerge Me onto your palm.
3.            Apply over your face and neck in up and outwards circular motions until fully   

This moisturizer is the best moisturizer i ever use! It helps to moisture my skin instantly! Non-sticky and non-greasy

B.Liv Website : http://my.blivskin.com/

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