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Wednesday, November 6

SASA is proud to present a collection of cosmeceutical brands via a special platform ie. the largest Cosmeceutical Fair from October, 23rd -27th 2013 at LG Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, New Wing. It will features an exclusive array of more than 10 international well-known cosmeceutical brands from America, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Emcee of the day  Cheryl Lee Xin Yi ( 李欣怡 ) & Hansen Lee

The revolution of cosmeceutical skincare line has significantly set searing beauty trend across Korea, Japan and searing its arrival on Malaysia shores during these recent years. The cosmeceutical skincare trends has been growing steadily among Asean countries, indicating a marked consumer’s preference for dermatological tested skincare products.

Definitively,  cosmeceutical bring forth the new wave to the skincare landscape because it marks the marriage between cosmeceutical and pharmaceuticals. The birth of cosmeceutical skincare provides consumers with value for money products based on professional medical theories and clinical experiments without any medical concern. The active ingredients influence the biological function of the skin and have proven to provide significant improvement to the skin appearance within a minimum time period after usage. In addition, cosmeceutical skincare products possess low irritation level n order to ensure the safety and stability upon usage for all skin types, especially sensitive skin user.

With a huge array of products being categorized in our portfolio, the key skin concerns will be addressed via the latest revolutionary skin transformation diagnosis, whereby we will aim to meet the markets needs, addressing the concerns, doubts and any other skin-beauty related queries. An experience not to be missed by any beauty enthusiasts!

The topic coverage includes:
a.       Anti-Aging
b.      Whitening
c.       Hydrating
d.      Blemish Care
e.      Pore Care
f.        Soothing
g.       Special Treatment

The 10 exclusive international cosmeceutical participating brands are :
America   : GoodSkin Labs, Skin Peptoxyl, B.Liv
Australia  : Skin Doctors
Korea       : BRTC, Dr.G, D.Jart, Dr.Young
Taiwan    : Dr.Wu, Neogence

Dr. G is developed by Dr. Gun-Yong Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang, the world’s 2nd largest medical skin care group. Five skincare lines of Dr.G suitable for people in different ages. Gowoonsesang is the No.1 skin clinical centre in Korea. In Seoul, every 1 out of 8 women is the user of Dr.G skincare products and services. 

Dr. Young was created and launched in Korea back in 2008. Dr.young has launched excellent lines on the global market, including: Anti-Dryness Line, Anti-Blemish Line, Protect-Prevent Line and Anti-Pore Line.

Dr.Jart+, created by a group of famous Korean dermatological specialist, uses only low-irritative, non-pigment, non-perfume ingredients to minimize the use of perfume, alcohol, preservatives, and other ingredients for better care of delicate skin. The products are tested on the most sensitive skin.

HadaLabo is mutually developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Japan) and Mentholatum (USA). The brand concept is "Perfect & Simple": your skin benefits from the high-quality ingredients and easy to follow skincare routine. HadaLabo was launched in 2004. Its effectiveness and great variety of choices have earned popular support within a short period of time. HadaLabo skincare products are fragrance free, colorant free, mineral oil free and alcohol (ethanol) free. Suitable for sensitive skin use.

Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan. With a research team consists of professional dermatologists, it offers a series of products in accordance with weaknesses of Asian skin and climate. The brand mission is “sincerity, service and “environmental-friendly”: “sincerity “ represents a complete ingredient list that ensures safe and secured products; “service” means dedicated consultation; “environmental-friendly” stands for simple packing that reduce environmental degradation.

SkinPeptoxyl is a cosmeceutical brand made in the USA. A highly qualified research team with over 30 years’ experience harnesses laboratory science and natural essences to turn around your skin condition to regain a youthful appearance. All SkinPeptoxyl products are clinically tested to prove their benefits and safety in use. SkinPeptoxyl cosmeceutical series is developed based on the latest peptide technology. Different peptides can effectively solve skincare concerns such as anti-wrinkle, reducing under-eye dark circles and improving the natural structure of the skin.

Customers can get their idea skincare with a cheaper price. SASA is doing promotion for the products. They even give out discount voucher! Beside that, with spending certain level of amount. Consumer also can get a free skin scanning and facial. 

Every one of us is liing up to wait for our turn to test the skin scanner which is specially from oversea!! This skin scanner have 8 function where we get t know our skin condition 

So, this s my skin condition. Terrible /.\
Goona take care it before i getting older. My skin is older than my actual age. O.M.G ..... 

See those ladies enjoyed themselves sitting on OSIM message chair and the free facial. How wonderful it is.
Looking for skin care for your skin? Head to SASA now and choose the skincare which suit you the best! 

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