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Friday, November 8

To celebrate the success of Neubodi's "Cash your Bra for a Cause" campaign, Neubodi hosted a Pink Ensemble Party on the 29th October 2013 at Neubodi, One Utama.  When come to October, which means its the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. It's my honour to be  a part of the event.  

From left: Ms Yvonne Lee, Ms Estee Ong (Neubodi's General Manager), Ms Tammy Walker-Tam, Ms Anne Tan, Ms Nadine Ann Thomas, Ms Charlene Wong, Ms Amber Chia, Ms Wen Chiam

Neubodi,  a lingerie brand which Founded in 2008. It represents an effortless body transformation through providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern day woman. Neubodi believes every woman should get the right fit with the right bra-fitting guide. Neubodi is the leading bra expert in choosing the right size & right cup that fits. We provide the finest lingerie from cup sizes A - I.

Neubodi also believe that girls should discover the best styles that accentuate body curves and assets. Always be confident with ourselves. Girls should  create a lingerie wardrobe that carries a perfect wear suitable for any occasion. Neubodi have different kind of design which can suit to any occasion, from the size A-I. Always dress to impress. Be the only one and make our life shine like a diamond. 

Neubodi bras' point of difference lies in its design of the form, function and cup shapes. They are made to embrace and support the breasts completely on the inside of the cup; the structured underpinning not only provide reassuring support, but enhance your confidence with a transformed silhouette!

Neubodi do have a lot of collection |NEUBODI EVERYDAY |NEUBODIL'AMOUR|NEUBODI CURVY |NEUBODI AFTER HOUR | NEUBODI SHAPEWEAR |NEUBODI PANTIES | NEUBODI ACCESSORIES . Too many to choose and there must be something that suit you the most. 

Neubodi decorated the party with pink colour ballons and small cards. We should always be aware of breast cancer as everyone of us might be the next victim who get it. "PINK not just the colour of a ribbon it's a promise of hope". Let's fight cancer together for a brighter future.

The emcee of the day Nadine Ann ThomasMiss Universe Malaysia 2010. She look gorgeous in red maxi dress. 

Ms Tammy Walker-Tam The  Vice President of Breast Cancer Welfare Association. She is educating the ladies on breasts health and examination. She been survived from breast cancer for almost ten years! I have to say that it's not easy for a women to be tough and brave to continue their life especially for those who had cancer. Ms Tammy Walker-Tam also advice ladies to do self-check up at least once a month to prevent breast cancer. 

From left to right! Let's see how these ladies going to inspire you :D

JENNY, 36, lives in Klang and works for a cosmetics company. She is also a busy entrepreneur always looking for new ideas to start any new exciting business. In June 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy followed by two months of chemotherapy. She’s currently cancer-free…

LINDY BONG, 27, A week before her final exams in her law school, Lindy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She spent the next year in and out of the hospital for treatments. She’s currently cancer-free but still receives chemotherapy every month as a preventive measure.

MANDY CHONG, 38, was a newly wed when she was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. Before surgery, she had healthy eggs removed, and now has a daughter who was carried to term by her sister.

The two lovely volunteers for Neubodi's Bra Makeover Session (Before) –Jamie and Surong. They look for confident and natural after wearing Neubodi products. No more humpback, no more supernumerary breast. Ladies should never underestimate your own breast size. Can you believe that one of the volunteer have F cup where she thought she only have B!! 8 out of 10 women do not know their true size? From a health standpoint, this causes severe back problems, shoulder aches, muscle tension, and even headaches. 

Neubodi have hold a campaign "CASH YOUR OLD BRA FOR A CAUSE". Neubodi will be giving you up to 20% discount and Rm30 rebate voucher as  your bra contributions. Your unwanted bras can make a difference to women who have to choose between buying a bra and starting a new life! BESIDES THAT, For every one bra purchased, Rm1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

Delicious dessert do served during the event. Really happy hat i can be a part of this event. As a lady i should start taking good care of my breast. Be confident and be healthy.  

Visit Neubodi stores near you:
~ One Utama Shopping Centre
~ Empire Shopping Gallery
~ Hartamas Shopping Center
~ AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang
~ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
~ Bangsar Village II
~ Paradigm Mall

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