Wednesday, November 20

So, here's the October project from The Butterfly ProjecT "TRUE OR DARE"! I used to be indecisive. I'm so shy and i don't know if  should join this event. Can you imagine, how much courage do you need to let stranger see you private part >.< People awlays say we need to do something crazy before we reach 30. Grrrrr....huat a!!!! Bubble gum wax, the reason i lost my virginity.

Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert™ is an established waxing & hair-removal company with a team of trained & qualified therapists with years of experience under our belts. Bubble Gun Wax also have hair remover service for men as well!! Bubble Gum Wax are advocate male equal opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the latest advances in technology as applied in beauty.

Jesslyn, the manager of Bubble Gum Wax

Jesslyn is briefing us on type of services provided at Bubble Gum Wax. From face area to body area and of course bikini area. All this services are for man as well EXCEPT bikini area, and you should know why.

Soft Wax:  Soft Wax is suitable for fine hair.

Hard Wax:  For first timer. It is use to remove coarse, thick hair which virgin use to have. Hard Wax are for those with sensitive skin and it is less painful compare to Soft Wax.

ILPIPL is actually a Semi-Permanent Hair Reduction treatment. It is very similar with laser. It is more to a long term kinda treatment. If you are looking for long term result then you can actually consider going for the IPL treatment. If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, IPL hair removal may be an option worth considering.

We are being served by delicious ice cream! Starberry and _ ice cream! Even though the icr-cream melted but still, girls are crazy over it!  I like the strawberry ice cream so much. Put some topping….waaaaaa~~~ syoook gilerr!!

I'm not the kind that like to eat macaroon. But this macaroon is soft enough to melt my heart. Small macaroon is always suitable for ladies to eat. Ladies can eat it without open your mouth biiiig. 

Spicy food lover MUST eat!! The spicy thai charcoal noodles from Little Wonton! The spicy sauce….the noodles…O.M.G! The charcoal noodles is a bit sour + sweet + spicy. I’m deeply fell in love with is noodles. I’m definitely going back to Bangsar just to eat this noodles! 

Here come the exciting part! All of us are required to make our own present box by using a shoe box. Look! Everyone is putting their effort. They draw cartoon of the box, rap the box nicely…Some of them are sooooo creative. I don’t know where they got so many stuff (bear bear sticker, flowers, cards) …… I feel so malu when I look back at myself. See what I’m doing?? Golek sini golek sana ….. no idea at all … zzz …. Issh Issh Isshh

JOYCE, the one who took my virginity. She touched me and look at my body. “MOST OF THE CUSTOMER DO NOT KNOW THEIR BODY WELL. THEY THOUGHT THEY ARE HAIRY BUT ACTUALLY THEY ARE NOT. SOME CUSTOMERS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NORMAL SKIN TYPE BUT ACTUALLY THEY ARE SENSITIVE.” So, you will never know how’s your until the expert see it. JOYCE is so friendly. She is trying to make me feel calm. 

Bubble gum room quite small. Since only two people will be enter the room at one time, I guess the space is more than  enough. Wet tissue will be provided for you to clean the waxing part before you get to start waxing. This is to make sure that the waxing part id clean and to avoid any infection. We want to be safe right? Then lay down on the bed and cover yourself with a towel. *before JOYCE enter the room…I pray /.\*

Let’s get it started. JOYCE will check and give some advice before she start! “OKIE…I’m going to remove the hair now”  …… inhale…exhale …. “aaaaaaaaaa!!!!” this is what happened to me …. Repeat the process 10++ time. JOYCE wax for the front part, this is the part which aches most! Then, you need to lays face down on the bed. The reason on lays face down is to wax the hair on the part where is not easy to see from front part.

Since I’m a virgin *shy shy* I’m so afraid until think off give up at the last minute. Thanks to Tammy Lim. Try to slap me and make me used to the feeling of pain. Bubble Gum Wax stuff are so young. I keep on look at the expression once they finished each of the waxing. I wonder if they will laugh at us “(flappy tummy … stretch mark … darker skin…etc). Well, they are all being so professional. As they need to do waxing on so many customers a day, they are already used to see EVERY KIND or DIFFERENT KIND of body. So if you are a virgin, don’t worry, they will never laugh at you

After waxing, the skin might be a bit sore as the pores are all open. DO NOT scrub and no hot shower within 24 hours. All you need to do is apply the gelato cream and moisturizer. Put the gelato cream and moisturizer in fridge. If you’re in a hungry, is ok if you just apply Gelato cream. Mostly , waxing can last about 4 weeks. *Result may vary, who knows maybe you have a strong hormone :D 

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