[EVENT] : ARTDECO Launch Party

Tuesday, November 26

The Latest professional makeup brand from Germany, ARTDECO is now in Malaysia, brought to you by SASA.

In international beauty arena, ARTDECO has been repeatedly voted as the most popular make-up brand in beauty salons. In addition various ARTDECO products received national and international recognition through multiple awards. 

ARTDECO offers a unique variety of products which cover all areas of color cosmetics and therefore perfectly complements and completes the ranges of other international premium brands. With the nail range, more nice markets can be reached. 

ARTDECO also offers a wealth of special products and refillable beauty boxes which not only guarantee real additional sales but also optimally fulfill all beauty users’ individual wishes.

ARTDECO is the only significant brand in its price class to focus completely on the selective retail markets and in Malaysia, it is exclusively available at SaSa Malaysia.

ARTDECO range retails in approximately in 15,000 cosmetics institutes, 6000 perfumeries, 350 department stores and 150 duty-free shops worldwide.

ARTDECO incorporates a complete range of most fashionable make-up products from high-end make-up, over a diverse selection of lipsticks and glosses as well as a multitude of mascaras, eyeliners or other bestselling eye make-up, as well as a colorful choice of bail lacquers. This range quickly became the heart of the ARTDECO collection and completely changed the market for eye shadows. Today ARTDECO is synonymous with refillable products many of which have become bestsellers of the ARTDECO line.


Finding the correct shade of foundation is always not the easiest thing for most women. Basically, foundation is used to even out the skin tone and improve skin texture. With the right proper application, it gives a smooth and healthy looking appearance. But if it is not, it can look flaky, showing that the person is wearing too much makeup.

Under ARTDECO lips collection, with an endless palette of lipsticks and lip gloss, so finding the right shade of lip sticks or lip gloss is a must-have beauty know-how! Many women are cautions of a red lipsticks, however the classic red lip color is  superbly timeless.

ARTDECO latest COLOR LIP SHINE range conjured magical lips, simply beautiful for kissing. With pure shine, intensive care and gentle color pigment, it imparts a sensual freshness. The unique new texture with a gel base ensures a smooth, natural finish and make lips look well proportion and perfectly groomed. Available from 2014 in 16 sensual colors.

The range quickly became the heart of the ARTDECO collection and completely changed the market for eyeshadows. Today ARTDECO is synonymous with refillable products many of which have become best sellers of ARTDECO line.

Above all, the Eyeshadows Base has established itself as the absolute best seller of the entire product range but also the unique Magic Fix, the Hot Chili Lip Booster, the extensive Camouflage concealer range, the Mascara Base and Lash Growth Activator, a selection of artificial and permanent lashes, premium brushes and much more make the ARTDECO collection unique.

Again ARTDECO presents an innovative concept of highest quality with the successful PURE MINERALS Collection which completely covers the new market segment, promising high growth rate in the near future. 

The International Makeup Artist & Head of International Training for ARTDECO , also d a demonstration on the proper way on putting makeup on face. Amber Chia, the model of the day. Derek Grillo showed us how to get different look by just using one product. 

*Credit to SASA Malaysia for ALL of the picture above.
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Wednesday, November 20

So, here's the October project from The Butterfly ProjecT "TRUE OR DARE"! I used to be indecisive. I'm so shy and i don't know if  should join this event. Can you imagine, how much courage do you need to let stranger see you private part >.< People awlays say we need to do something crazy before we reach 30. Grrrrr....huat a!!!! Bubble gum wax, the reason i lost my virginity.

Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert™ is an established waxing & hair-removal company with a team of trained & qualified therapists with years of experience under our belts. Bubble Gun Wax also have hair remover service for men as well!! Bubble Gum Wax are advocate male equal opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the latest advances in technology as applied in beauty.

Jesslyn, the manager of Bubble Gum Wax

Jesslyn is briefing us on type of services provided at Bubble Gum Wax. From face area to body area and of course bikini area. All this services are for man as well EXCEPT bikini area, and you should know why.

Soft Wax:  Soft Wax is suitable for fine hair.

Hard Wax:  For first timer. It is use to remove coarse, thick hair which virgin use to have. Hard Wax are for those with sensitive skin and it is less painful compare to Soft Wax.

ILPIPL is actually a Semi-Permanent Hair Reduction treatment. It is very similar with laser. It is more to a long term kinda treatment. If you are looking for long term result then you can actually consider going for the IPL treatment. If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, IPL hair removal may be an option worth considering.

We are being served by delicious ice cream! Starberry and _ ice cream! Even though the icr-cream melted but still, girls are crazy over it!  I like the strawberry ice cream so much. Put some topping….waaaaaa~~~ syoook gilerr!!

I'm not the kind that like to eat macaroon. But this macaroon is soft enough to melt my heart. Small macaroon is always suitable for ladies to eat. Ladies can eat it without open your mouth biiiig. 

Spicy food lover MUST eat!! The spicy thai charcoal noodles from Little Wonton! The spicy sauce….the noodles…O.M.G! The charcoal noodles is a bit sour + sweet + spicy. I’m deeply fell in love with is noodles. I’m definitely going back to Bangsar just to eat this noodles! 

Here come the exciting part! All of us are required to make our own present box by using a shoe box. Look! Everyone is putting their effort. They draw cartoon of the box, rap the box nicely…Some of them are sooooo creative. I don’t know where they got so many stuff (bear bear sticker, flowers, cards) …… I feel so malu when I look back at myself. See what I’m doing?? Golek sini golek sana ….. no idea at all … zzz …. Issh Issh Isshh

JOYCE, the one who took my virginity. She touched me and look at my body. “MOST OF THE CUSTOMER DO NOT KNOW THEIR BODY WELL. THEY THOUGHT THEY ARE HAIRY BUT ACTUALLY THEY ARE NOT. SOME CUSTOMERS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NORMAL SKIN TYPE BUT ACTUALLY THEY ARE SENSITIVE.” So, you will never know how’s your until the expert see it. JOYCE is so friendly. She is trying to make me feel calm. 

Bubble gum room quite small. Since only two people will be enter the room at one time, I guess the space is more than  enough. Wet tissue will be provided for you to clean the waxing part before you get to start waxing. This is to make sure that the waxing part id clean and to avoid any infection. We want to be safe right? Then lay down on the bed and cover yourself with a towel. *before JOYCE enter the room…I pray /.\*

Let’s get it started. JOYCE will check and give some advice before she start! “OKIE…I’m going to remove the hair now”  …… inhale…exhale …. “aaaaaaaaaa!!!!” this is what happened to me …. Repeat the process 10++ time. JOYCE wax for the front part, this is the part which aches most! Then, you need to lays face down on the bed. The reason on lays face down is to wax the hair on the part where is not easy to see from front part.

Since I’m a virgin *shy shy* I’m so afraid until think off give up at the last minute. Thanks to Tammy Lim. Try to slap me and make me used to the feeling of pain. Bubble Gum Wax stuff are so young. I keep on look at the expression once they finished each of the waxing. I wonder if they will laugh at us “(flappy tummy … stretch mark … darker skin…etc). Well, they are all being so professional. As they need to do waxing on so many customers a day, they are already used to see EVERY KIND or DIFFERENT KIND of body. So if you are a virgin, don’t worry, they will never laugh at you

After waxing, the skin might be a bit sore as the pores are all open. DO NOT scrub and no hot shower within 24 hours. All you need to do is apply the gelato cream and moisturizer. Put the gelato cream and moisturizer in fridge. If you’re in a hungry, is ok if you just apply Gelato cream. Mostly , waxing can last about 4 weeks. *Result may vary, who knows maybe you have a strong hormone :D 

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Tea Party for ATP+ Royal Jelly relaunch with Bio-essence

Sunday, November 17

I am very happy that I am giving this chance to join the tea Party for ATP+ Royal Jelly relaunch with Bio-essence! This time, Bio-essence is upgrading their product by adding in the ROYAL JELLY!Bio-essence has innovatively blended Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, Royal Jelly, ATP and precious herbal extracts like Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica to enhance cell energy and skin metabolism. The Shape V Face Series provide minerals, trace minerals and herbal nutrients to lift and firm sagging skin to restore a V-shaped facial contour.

Now many people would ask what is ATP? ATP is a coenzyme that stores the energy to support metabolism in our cells. It improves micro circulation to facilitate the renew and repair of our skin cells while restoring suppleness , radiance and firmness to the skin. 

Royal Jelly is a thick, extremely nutritious milky-white, creamy liquid secreted by the nurse bees. Royal Jelly deeply nourishes skin, improves skin’s radiance, leaving skin soft, smooth, fair and glowing with a feminine charm. It also has excellent anti-bacterial property which helps to disinfect pimples and acne skin.

Angeline Auyong, Group Product Manager for Bio-essence. She is giving a short introduction on the product. To make us understand  on how to use all the products, the ingredients in the products. 

Ayengar Dwarakanath, Head of Marketing from Ginvera Marketing. He's so friendly. He is trying to make all of sure feel so comfortable and feel like home when attending this event. 

Here come the most exciting moment that we all waiting for!! Two lucky ladies are being chosen as model of the day in the demonstration session. Beauty guru from Bio-essence showed us the proper way to apply all the skin care on skin to receive the best result. 

Below are the products that being used during the demonstration session.

Deep Cleansing Milk with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
It helps to removes Makeup and Impurities Gently and Effectively without stripping skin.  It is non-greasy and it’s gentle to the skin. Which means you can use it on the eye, face and neck area. My skin feel softer and instant brighter result after using this product. To use this, use your fingertips and gentle massage it on your skin :D

Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
DEAD SKIN Dead skin forms a blocking layer. We have to clean those dead skin to make sure that those skin care that we apply are absorb by the skin effectively. Here’s the product where you can get ZERO DEAD SKIN. It’s  effective in removes dead skin cells and refines pores. Face must be dry when use this product. Apply an adequate amount on face and neck and massage in circular motions until small flakes of dead skin and dirt appear. Rinse off with water and follow up with a cleanser. Another product where you can use of neck. To get zero dead skin in 1 step? HERE’S THE TRICK.

Nourishing Deep Cleanser with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
If you’re the kind that like soap free cleanser, why not try this out? Fine foaming molecules to disintegrate dirt and oil trapped in pores to deeply cleanse skin. As usual, squeeze the cleanser on your palm, lather with water and massage gently on the face then rinse off with water.

Silky Foaming Cleanser with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
Rich Foam for Effective Cleansing. It helps to nourishes and smoothens skin with ATP, minerals and herbal nutrients while cleansing. The main point is : NOT FEELING TIGHT AFER WASHING.

 Deep Nourishing Toner with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
Toner is very important and it’s a must to apply on skin. This deep nourishing toner with ATP help to hydrates our skin DEEPLY. On the other hands, it also helps to restore Skin’s Smoothness & Vitality. The fine molecules is easy to absorb by the skin. And that is why we can see the instant result of skin become brighter and softer. Nothing is the best when it can help to improve the skin texture. Girls skin need to be smooth!!! * I did feel sticky after apply on skin but who care! I need smoooooth skin! 

Radiant Youth Essence with ATP+ ROYAL JELLY
7 days, SkinTender & Radiant Like Baby’s !!! This essence contains 95% pure Green Tea extract. Green tea contain of  anti-oxidant properties to help reduce signs of aging. Who say only old lady need to use aging product? We as a lady we should start using aging product once we step into 20. We need to take good care of our skin and always look young and gorgeous. It’s fragrance and preservatives free! It’s Totally absorbed in 1 minute with no greasy feeling! *It's too oily for me* 

Bio-cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum with ATP + ROYAL JELLY 
Revitalizes Cells for Ultra Smooth, Clear and Radiant skin. Apply day and night after cleansing and toning. Spread over entire face and neck, massage gently in circular motion until serum is fully absorbed. Complement with daily use of Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream for best results

Face Lifting Cream with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
8 Marvelous Benefits of Face Lifting Cream
1. Contracts pores and refines skin
2. Fades spots and whitens skin
3. Reduces double chin
4. Contracts pores and refines skin
5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
6. Reduces visible aging lines
7. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin with precious herbal ingredients
8. Lifts facial contours,shapes V face and look younger

For ladies who always dreamed for a V face!! Don’t miss this product! A Clinical Thermal Infra-Red Test to prove the efficacies of the Face Lifting Cream with ATP.

Thermal Infrared picture for “After application of Face Lifting Cream with ATP”
( Higher temperature registered as seen from the thermal area in red within the picture). The higher temperature registered by the thermal infra-red equipment after application (red area) indicates that the Face Lifting Cream with ATP has effectively help promote the blood and oxygen circulation within 10 minutes of application .This in turn helps to burn excess fats and create a youthful V shaped face

Marvel Mask with ATP + ROYAL JELLY
The Only Mask with Tingling Effects to Firm & Whiten Skin Instantly. Squeeze a sufficient amount and apply a thick layer over cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. This is so that the mask comes off in one piece during peeling. Leave the mask on skin for approx 30-45 mins until it is completely dry. Peel off the mask upwards, starting from the chin and rinse face thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining mask. If you experience difficulty in peeling mask off, wet face with water before removing it.Use 2-3 times a week for best results.

BESIDE THAT, i also get to try on the Bio-essence MIRACLE BIO WATER. This miracle water really give a instant effective result. My skin become hydrated immediately. The moment i spay it on my face. I like the cool feeling. It absorb into the skin easily. This miracle water help to control oil effectively and of course moisture and nourish our skin! Don't believe? Look at the result below.  

soooooooooo, Bio-essence ATP + Royal Jelly is the must have series for ladies who want V shape face and hydrated skin at the same time! 

For more information, please visit:

Bio-essence Malaysia Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/bioessencemalaysia?fref=ts
Bio-essence Website : http://www.bioessence.com.sg/

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