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Wednesday, October 9

Esse is a brand that based in Africa and formulate using Africa's incredible plant diversity. I get to know this product through a charity event. Esse have a wide range of products. What attract me a lot is the products packaging. Their packaging is different with others product in the market. 

I always pay extra special attention when it comes to cleanser. I have a very troublesome skin problem, sensitive skin + acne skin. It's very difficult to find a cleanser that suit my skin. I need a cleanser that can clean my skin and moisture my skin at the same time, and of course no irritation and no itchiness. 

Esse Cream Cleanser is not in cream form. A yellowish orange gel cleanser. The scent of this cleanser is kinda weird. It doesn't smell like a herbal or any fruit. I hate the smell as it sting the nose. *it's hard to explain the smell..LOL* The scent stay for  a long time. I need to apply a lot of moisturizer to cover the weird scent. It's suitable for dryness and sensitive skin.

This picture is taken right after i wake up. Very oily skin. As you can see my face is very shiny. 
Oil all over my T-zone , cheek and even my eyelid. This is how my face look whenever i wake up. Been facing this problem since 10 years ago :(

Squeeze small amount of cleanser into palms, gently apply the cleanser on face using circular motion. Massage face for about one minute.  This cleanser  do not have much foam or bubbles as compared to others cleanser.

This is how my face look like after cleansing. No more excessive oil on my skin. My skin did not feel tight after using this cleanser. So, i consider that this cleanser is quite gentle for me skin. 

Overall, this cleanser did helps to clean the oil on my skin without any irritation and itchiness, The only thing i hope to be improve is the scent of the cleanser. 99% of the total ingredient are from natural origin. For those who like products which are make from natural ingredient , you should try this out!

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