[INFO] P1 Keep Playing with No Limits: ToGo Triple Quota Broadband

Tuesday, October 1

Once again Happy 5th Anniversary to Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1).

To celebrate 5th anniversary, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1) is launching another P1’s 5th Anniversary unlimited quota promotion the ToGo Triple Quota Broadband!  This year P1 come out with new theme “Keep Playing. With No limits”. P1 rule is making consumer life joyful, interesting and fulfilling. Consumer do not have to worry abut data limit when they are online. 

Internet plan that allow you to stay connected while you on the move. ToGo™  69 offer a speed up to 1Mbps with unlimited quota for the affordable prices of just RM69. FREE modem UH 235. 24 months contract. 

I can bring it everywhere and anywhere to create personal hotspot that connects with all my gadgets. No more searching WIFI here and there. WiFi is as important as atmosphere when choosing a restaurant nowadays (for me :p).  Problem solved if I subscribe for this…hehehe! No more headache for where to having dinner! With just RM100 we can get unlimited quota.

It’s truly an unlimited broadband plan – no cap or throttle. Unlike many others unlimited plans in the market, P1 will not have a quota cap ; throttle the speed of users upon high usage ; restrict user on any applications ; or limit the time when the quota can be used. 

Looking for a Home Use Broadband? How about  "ForHome Unlimited Quota plan"?   Read my blog on about "ForHome Unlimited Quota plan". Click the link listed below :D

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