[EVENT] The Butterfly Project's June Campaign: Spa Party!

Sunday, September 29

Ding Ding Ding..It's now throwback time!
If you been to Butterfly The June Project, YEAH! The Ultimate Spa Party!

Hmm..let's see who been there.....
Is that your shoes?!!!
*Spot your shoes time* Hiak Hiak Hiak

Thank you to the 12 collaborator who put putting a lot of effort in making the event so successful! 

This is the first time i joining Butterfly project! I'm having a lot of fun. It's such a wonderful moment for me. Too many first time are giving to butterfly. First time wearing bath robe. Pink bath robe from Cotton On.

This time we are enjoying our spa at Posh! Nail Spa! First step into Posh! Nail Spa i can feel how comfortable the place is. Shimering light with a confortable aroma scent :D
Nice food with nice environment. I just can't stop eating the fried organic tofu. It's so delicious!!! 

Manicure and pedicure session is the best! I get a cute and sexy nails colours on my hands and legs! Posh! Nail Spa staff are so friendly. They gave me a lot of ideas and advice on how to take good care on my nails. Everybody is enjoying they manicure session. Arhh..they even scrub my leg...my skin is smoother than tofu! Look at the right picture, i'm the pink lady of the day...LOL

I really like the concept where all of us are giving "coupon" where we need to redeem those services from different "counter". It look fun isn't it :) I choose facial instead of facial. I never know that Posh! Nail Spa have facial service until i try it out!

Too many brand of body scrub are available in the market. What if you can make your own body scrub? We got the chance to make our very own body scrub!With a very special packaging too! hahaha! 

After body, here come the station for face! Find the face mask that suit your skin condition from TT Mask Malaysia. They are too many mask to grab. I get myself a oil control mask. Excessive of oil make me feel so embarrass sometimes.  Is time to control all the oil. 

The highlight of the day! Beautiful model who are modeling the PinkNProper collection.
Hehehehe..sexy ladies!!! Really amazed by PinkNProper collection. They have so many collection which can suit to any occasion. From party, to casual, to office wear and of course the BIKINI!

Lastly!! Thank you to Fotobox! I ca bring back those wonderful memory! Helo to my new friends!!
*I'm not that dark actually =.= ... It's because i'm just back from Phuket* 

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