[REVIEW] TEA TREE Essential Oil with Diffuser

Monday, September 23

Heaven On Earth Essential Oil - Tea Tree (10ml)

I've been using a lot of essential oil, home fragrance and home spray. Still, essential oil with diffuser is always the best choice of mine! Use essential oil since last year. I get to concentrate more when i was studying. I hate my room full of weird smell, essential oil help to cover those weird smell :) Like doing aroma therapy everyday.

Pure Essential oils have many uses. They can be inhaled or applied on the skin, as an alternative treatment for infections, stress and other health problems. They can be added to a bath, diffuser, candles, perfumes, shampoo, soap etc.

I prefer to use essential oil in diffuser. Essential oils are placed in an oil burner, half fill the well with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Scent spreads quickly throughout a room by using a diffuser. It will only take a few minutes until your entire room, is scented with a delightful aroma!

This green tea really make me feel so refreshing. It doesn't smell too strong as what i thought. It is very energetic and fresh. A scent that more to "medical" kind scent that we use to kill bacteria. LOL It helps to lift up my mood :) But! It doesn't mean i like medicine.

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