[REVIEW] Rm 9 Modbox - September Edition

Friday, September 6

Photo taken by Olympus FE-320

Still thinking on want to subscribe the latest edition of Modbox (http://modbox.com.my/ ) or not? Let’s see what I got for my the latest Modbox.

Photo taken by Olympus FE-320

Rescare – Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray

I got the FULL SIZE product. I mean the original size product! 300ml. This Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray cost RM75. But now, by subscribe to this Edition of Modbox, you can get this by just paying RM9 (Of course together two others samples).  Get radiant, baby soft skin with this refreshing Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray from Korea. It packed with natural plant ingredients that exfoliate while keeping skin moisturized. Spray it onto skin after shower and gently massage in circular motion. Wash off to remove residue. This product is easy to use. The spray type on container helps to avoid excessive of using! :D

Photo taken by Olympus FE-320

Le Masque Hazelia – Coffee Tightening Mask

A relaxing sheet mask. It’s enriched with coffee, a great source of antioxidants and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Resulting in firmer, tighter skin. I like to collect mask. I always believe that mask can helps to rescue my skin especially I the kind of always seep late. Student life student life /.\

Photo taken by Olympus FE-320

SF Beauty Skin – Remover Cleansing Gel

A triple function product that works as a very effective eye and face makeup remover, as well as a cleanser. It features fruit extracts that breaks down your makeup easily and the acidity deeply cleanses pores. With glycerin and cucumber extract, this product also ensures that your skin is kept moisturized and hydrated. For eye makeup remover, soak cotton pad with the product, hold it over closed eyelid for 30 seconds.  For face makeup, apply it on dry face and gently massage until the makeup is dissolved. As a cleanser, apply on face and rinse off with water.

Photo taken by Olympus FE-320

Discount Code

Discount Code is also been given in the box. Purchase selected product with 20% discount. 

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