Felda Residence Plantation Tekam Resort

Saturday, September 7 Bandar Lama Jerantut, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia

Aloha!! Anyone of you heard about or been to Felda Residence Plantation Tekam Resort before?? IF yes, please do share with me your experience as I’m going there very soon. But I got no idea on what can I do over there J

Went to Matta Fait today, and found out that  Felda Residence is having promotion. I mean GOOD PROMOTION. 2D1N stay for only RM100. Package Included: 2D1N (We can choose either stay in a Chalet or Deluxe room), Breakfast for 2, AND  visit to Gua Terang Bulan. *NO SURCHAGE FOR WEEKEND!!!*

The only thing I know is Felda Residence Plantation Tekam Resort  Situated 216 km from Kuala Lumpur. Here are some picture that I found in Felda Travel Website. The place look so peaceful and beautiful.

After waking for so long, we decided to buy the deal and have some relaxing holiday at Tekan since we never been there before. A short gateway can be  a lot of fun :D I’m so excited and really want to see who the Gua Terang Bulan look like XD

Now!! Here are something I need you guys to help. If you been there before, can you give me some advices or opinions on what can I do at Tekam, anything or places that I should visit to?? You can also leave your blog link if you did blog about Felda Residence Plantation Tekam Resort :D Share your experience with me …. Hehehehe

Kindly comment at below. Really appreciate it!!

If you are interested wth the deal why not go and find out yourself!!

Thank you!! J

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