[TRAVEL ] What to eat / Restaurant at Bukit Tinggi : LA FLAMME @ French Village

Tuesday, August 27

Went to Bukit Tinggi last week. Well, this is the first time i visit Bukit Tinggi. Guess where am i now?? Yup!! The French Village. Since we are at French Village, of course we gonna having our lunch here! It's nom nom time....Ding ding ding................

In 200 meters, walk straight ....and now you have reach the destination on your right. For today we are going to spend our day at "La Flamme". The first restaurant at right hand side! Emmmmm....i can smell those pizza!!! There are many foreign visitors who are dining over here. From Iraq, Australia, Thailand and of course Malaysia!!! 

 Such a wonderful place. Surrounding by fresh air, beautiful plants!! But, be aware of BEES. BEES are flying here and there. They are so active and friendly. Maybe because of applied too much of rexona, the bees keep flying towards us. and langgar our face!!!!!!

Picture taken is before Bees Attack!

While we are eating, we are also entertained by street performers. They even sing song from different countries and make visitors feel so happy and feel like home =) They look handsome and pretty, ryte?? 

I might look stupid in the picture. But i'm so happy playing with the black pepper grinder. hahahaha!! I should buy one and ask my mum to use it too. 

Let's see what we've ordered!! I don't know how to describe all the food! Picture speak thousand words. Sorry for making you guys hungry =p

Caesar Salad RM18
The best salad ever!! 

Soup of The Day - Mushroom Soup RM12

French Fries RM5
 Add in some black pepper grinded by me...woots!! The French Fries become so delicious!!

Large Calzone Pizza RM37
The Best Part!! Ahhh...start missing this so much!! The cheese, the hem..........oh my god!! With some tobacco sauce...........yummay yumay!!

We did add on a banana split ... too bad phone out of battery! Not able to take the picture /.\

 Here's our bill.


 photo blankRectangle640x386_526F672C_zps61cdb726.png

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