[REVIEW] SASA poor services! rude salesgirl! Impatient salesgirl!

Monday, August 26

Went to SASA Genting Highland branch 2 days ago. Now, here's the thing. I walked into SASA and wanted to ask for some information regarding the SASA Mega Sales. A salesgirls come out and answered my question by just answering "YES"..."NO"! I've been walking in SASA for about 10 minutes but nobody want to serve me. The Salesgirls are standing at the counter and chit chat. All about your boyfriend, my boy friend, her boyfriend. How sweet is it huh?!! So, they prefer standing there and have some girls talk instead of serving customers? 
Me: Is the body wash price listed is after discount or before discount?
SASA Salesgirl: Yes
Me: yes?? means after discount??
SASA Salesgirl: *nodded*...after nod her head....back to counter and chit chat with other salesgirl

Me: Hello, can i know where is this shampoo placed? 
SASA Salesgirl: *SHOUT and pointing somewhere* ... over there!! Inside Inside!!  *then she just walked off*
There are so many products "inside", why can't they just guide me to where the product are placed and show me the product?? I was thinking is that because of i doesn't have the "rich people" look ? or because of i'm buying the cheap products? They don't even look at my eyes when they talk to me. Finally a salesgirls was walk across in front of me. Ah hak! Guess what? She is putting the tester (Hand Lotion) on her hand and walked off again?? Hello!! Am i transparent?? Back to the point, you know where the shampoo is??? "OUT OF STOCK". Good job!

I wondering if SASA is practicing this rude culture in all branches as this is not only happen in Genting Highland branch. When i step into One Utama branch and the same thing happened. I was looking for a eye mask. So i walk to the counter and ask if there's any eye mask that suitable for me. So one of the salesgirl asked if i'm coming with another group of girl. I say no. Then, she asked me to wait for another salesgirl to serve me as she is busy serving "the other group of lady". Okay, fine! The salesgirl didn't even answer my question but more concern about who a i coming with. Every salesgirls are so busy until no one can serve me or even just answering my question?? What the.........muke saje cantik tapi behavior memang teruk!!

I am so pissed off with SASA services! Serve customers while chewing food, serve customers in a rude way, impatient salesperson....

So!!!  SASA salesgirls are making my life  BEAUTIFUL in such a SPECIAL WAY?!! 
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