RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre (Malaysia’s first birds nest aesthetic wellness and beauty outlet) Soft Launch

Thursday, August 8

Malaysia’s first Birds nest aesthetic wellness and beauty outlet, RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre, a member of Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies opens its doors this week in Publika, Kuala Lumpur, offering the best of pure bird’s nest extracts in many new, innovative forms, including facial treatments, body care products & therapies and herbal supplements.

The soft launching of RBN AESTHETIC WELLNESS SDN BHD officiated by Dato' Seri Dr Abdullah Fadzil Bin Che Wan, Group Executive Chairman, Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies.

The event also be graced with the presence of Mr Loke Yeu Loong, Group Managing Director of Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies, Mr Tan Chee Hong, Group Chief Executive Officer of Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies, Dr Yeoh Chiar Chuen, Chief Operation Officer, RBN Global Sdn Bhd, Mr Choy Chen Choong, Director of Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies and Mr Hor Han Keng, Director of Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies.  

RBN is the first company in the world to offer these products, guaranteeing not just exceptional quality in their bird’s nest but also diversity. By making bird’s nest more accessible, more people can now incorporate the benefits of this health product into their daily diets and activities.

Licensing Support and Operation Manager of RBN Aesthetic Wellness Grace Pang explains, “Up to today, we have always only associated bird’s nest as something we ingest. We have worked with researchers and scientists beauticians to harvest bird’s nest and, using the latest extraction technology, breaking it down to smaller molecules which are better absorbed by our bodies. Then we infuse it into skin care, soy products, drinks, and herbal supplements like ginseng, tongkat ali, kacip fatimah and cordyceps.”

Royal Bird’s Nest Sdn. Bhd is a member of the Swiftlet Eco Park group of companies which produces edible bird’s nest products derived from its custom-made eco parks that are specially designed and built for optimal bird health and nesting. As the most conducive, comfortable, healthy and safe environments are built for the birds. RBN also ensures that the bird’s nest extracts are of the highest quality.

As a blogger, we esteem it an honour to be invited. I was amazed by their products. Classy packaging, high quality, safe and of course the price is affordable and reasonable!

RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre, which has opened in Solaris Dutamas, Publika, makes all these products available to the public and also offers specially-developed bird’s nest facial treatments within the center.

“Now, we want to bring these benefits to even more by following the modern trends and concerns of people today – through health, skincare and even popular drinks such as coffee and soya bean. We’ve made it affordable while maintaining all the goodness of bird’s nest extracts. This way, Malaysians won’t have to rely on international products for wellness and health which are often expensive. We have it all right here in our own country.”

While bird’s nest has been a much coveted health supplement for centuries, nourishing even emperors of China, Royal Bird’s Nest Sdn. Bhd. has conducted extensive research and development programmes to extract the best of bird’s nest health qualities and infused it into a broad range of other popular health and beauty product.

Speaking of the benefits of their EBN skin care range, Pang explains, “Through research we have found that the active ingredients in edible bird’s nest, promotes the growth of collagen in the skin which are beneficial for rejuvenation, healing and repair. This smoothens skin, improves skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance and reduces the formation of wrinkles.”

At the soft launch of RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre Group Executive Director and CEO Tan Chee Hong also shared, “We can be assured of the health benefits of birds nest – it has been consumed and passed down for so many generations and was even taken by the royal families of China”.

For more information, visit the RBN Aesthetic Wellness centre at D4-G3-6, Solaris Dutamas (Publika), No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur or please call 03-62053063 04 012 9530307 or visit its website www.rbnaw.com.my

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