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Thursday, August 1

Bought a dinning deal from MyDeal few days ago. Pay for  rm12.25 and get to eat delicious korean food. With terms and condition *minimum 2 pax*. Must be at least two people only can eat the Korean set. Which means each person 1 voucher (RM12.25), two person 2 voucher. So the dinner is RM24.50 for 2 people. Haiz...why!! why!! I want to enjoy the dinner alone ma...ahduhaiiii
I just can't control myself whenever i see "KIMCHI". Look at the advertisement. Oh My god...nom nom.....i'm so hungry /.\

Can you see how tempting the poster is? Fresh vegetables...beef...pork...BBQ...
Well, poster always deliver more than expectation. LOL

There are 5 set available with the voucher. Somehow, we've decided to choose SET A.  Here's the list of food that included in our set meal. Samgyeopsal (Pork BBQ), Doenjang Jjigae / Kimchi Jjigae, Rice Cake & vegetables in hot pepper, 8 side dishes, 2 slices of watermelon and free flow of green tea.

Free flow of green. Cold green tea in normal glass, but hot green tea in nice and special ceramic cup. I wonder why hot tea can be serve in nice cup but cold green tea served in such a normal glass. =.=".  Drinking hot tea has become very uncomfortable. The cup holder is like going to break anytime. The shape of the cup make me can't enjoy my tea. I don't even know where my lips shuold put onto /.\

8 side dishes. Make sure you eat the side dished slowly , chew everything. Lick the plate. LOL
We are not allow to refill the side dishes.
The side dishes is so delicious. Too bad, we can't refill. 

Kimchi Jjigae!!!! My favourite. 
The scent wafting through your nose leaving a tingling sensation. I am glutton for spicy punishment, so for me, this kimchi stew are not spicy enough. I wish it can be more spicy. LOL

Rice cake and vegetable in black pepper. I high recommend this to all of you! The sauce was just a little bit spicy and  sweet but not close to cloying. The rice cakes are plump and soft all the way through. I thought i should be served in star shape not know what i mean.../.\
KIMCHI KIMCHI. Oh my....I'm so hungry!!!!!!!!!!

Erm...i am specchless when i see this.Look at the poster and look and at this picture again. 6 slices of meat. 5cm X 3cm ... Poster~ Poster....

Ah hak!! Here come something that gonna make you and me laugh!!!
 ahhahahahha!! hahahhahahahha! 
A small basket used to put vege. The basket is just too small to put in all the vegetables. The moment i take the first ssam, and i was like..............................*speechless*
They put a one big slide of ssam on top of the basket, which make us thought the basket is full of vege. Clever huh....
Jeng jeng...2 pieces of ssam + thick carrot + thick cucumber =.=

Overall, The food is nice. Suitable for those who do not like spicy.
Verdict : 2.5 / 5

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  1. I think that portion is normal? Since they have to cut cost for working with online group buying site? The rice cake looks good too, now where should i head to for my Korean food cravings :P

    1. hahaha! start craving for foos dy. the rice cake is so delicious. It's even spicy then the kimchi Jjigae ...

  2. Kimchi Jjigae is my favourite!!

    i don't food deal anymore cos the portion/quality is always so pathetic.. :(

    1. agree with you! sometimes i feel disappointed with some deals that bought too. But some of them did refund me back then i olso ok la..:p

  3. Thanks for review for Myung Ga Korean Restaurant, we appreciate for all your comment and will work for improvement. Do see another review too at


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