Terengganu Must Visit : Kemasik Beach [Pantai Kemasik]

Monday, August 12

Balik kampung...oh oh oh~ Balik kampung! My lovely kampung: Terengganu! Since this year is Visit Terengganu year, how can i not going back to my kampung.
Went to Kemasik Beach yesterday! Weeee...What a sunny day :D
The sun beamed upon my face and the sky was blue. If you wish to spend your day, rest and relax, Kemasik Beach is the best choice. 
Kemasik, one of the small town in Terengganu, Malaysia. Kemasik Beach is the major attraction in Kemasik. 

Never worry about where to put your car. Kemasik Beach has a lot f parking lot for visitor to put their cars. In front of the parking lots, there's are some shop lot that selling some foods and drinks. 

Never compare Kemasik Beach with those famous island in other part of Terengganu. Kemasik Beach does has it own attractiveness. We can hear the waves washing against the rocks. 

Many people like to swim at here. Children running here and there, The sounds of the children's carefree laughter filled the beach. Some visitor even camping at here. I gonna try this next time. Camping with friends and also family. Swim at night. Wah!!!! started to feel so excited already...XD

Step on the beach, feel the gentle rolled waves, and the fairy soft orangish sand. No jelly fish :D

There are also many fishing-boat anchored at beach! Colourful fishing-boat. 

There's a another rock at the other side of Kemasik Beach. This phenomena helps to build up a "private swimming place" for visitor.  

From left from right....The view of Kemasik Beach is so beautiful and peaceful. 
Do drop by when you are visiting Terengganu.

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  1. Lovely beach!!!!! would love to go there one day! :D

    1. must go!! many special sea shells over here :D

  2. OMG I miss this beach so much! Used to go there all the time! And another famous beach just at the border between Terengganu and Pahang, Cherating :D

    1. yea! going there this coming October! very excited!!!


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