Tuesday, August 6

Went to I LOVE VEGGIE STEAMBOAT (爱。回锅) two months ago. I'm gonna tell you how was my first experience at I LOVE VEGGIE STEAMBOAT. 


I LOVE VEGGIE STEAMBOAT 爱。回锅 is the FIRST Veggie Steamboat & Buffet Concept Chain Store in Town. The brand-new 100% veggie-based shabu & buffet restaurant that suitable for all vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians. Their main objective is to promote and advocate healthy lifestyles to the public by encouraging more people to eat in veggie-way. 

I called and made a reservation for 4 people, 11 o'clock. I expect everything will be done on time. But when i reach they tell me, they only open at 12p.m. But when i call and make the reservation no one is telling me that they open at 12. Even in the poster they stated open at 11a.m! I was very angry because i need to wait for 1 hour until they get everything done. They promised to reserve a table for us and ask us to be back on 12pm. WELL, GOOD THING HAPPENED. I go back at 12p.m and they forgot to reserve a table for us /.\ ... 

Like others steamboat restaurant, extra charge of 20% - 50% will be imposed for unfinished foods. Remember to pay before eat. 

Vees cooker. 

There are 4 type of soups. We tried Chinese consomme soup and also hot and spicy soup. The soup smell good but the tasted a bit thin.  

Verdict: 3 / 5

Not much varieties of fresh food to choose. Since they stated more than 100 types of fresh food, of course i expect it would be something different or more than what i expect . I don't think there's 100 types of food for us to choose. 

Yam Yam. At first i thought it's hot dog. Well, it's fried yam. Too sweet and  a bit greasy for me. /.\

Kaya Puff and coconut shred tart. The kaya puff and coconut shred tart sooooo yummy! The tart was so tasty and buttery without tasting overly sweet. If you like tarts that is not easily flaky and too crusty, you should try this! 

Fruits. Only papaya and watermelon are served. Seems like people prefer watermelon than papaya huh. LOL

If you are glutton for spicy, a extreme spicy lover, i would say the chili sauce or whatever spicy sauces here, are not going to satisfied your taste bud.    

Free flow of drinks. 

Ice cream and Jelly. If not mistaken there are only 3 flavor of ice-cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and strawberry.  But, where is my CHOCOLATE FONDUE ?!!!!! 

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