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Sunday, August 25

Have been joined Hishop Ambassador Project for three months. Now, here are my thoughts towards Hishop...
More than 130 brands.
As a fashionable lady, we should be know all the brands that available in market, so that we can compare and choose the one which suit our skin the most. While in Hishop  there are more than 130 brands available. From the A to the Z. Me as a beauty blogger, i always advocate ladies to be trendy in the safe way. Choose product from the party who have  good reputation.
I believe from this more than 130 brands, there must be something that suit you =) From head to the toes. 

Bubble Wrap and Nice Boxing
Next, the most excited part is when the parcel reach your hand. I believe many of us experienced those irresponsible seller. Buying from Hishop  all you need to do is just sit and wait the parcel to reach your doorstep. Every product are wrapped by bubble wrap. So far, from what i received, no leakage, no scratches, no spoiled item. Hishop always make sure that all customers are happy with their services. So, what if you are not happy or not satisfied with the products?? Take a look at the return policy! I believe you won't return the product as they are all in perfect condition.

Hmmm...Still, there's one thing that i wish Hishop can be consider to =)
Increase the brand of samples which are going to give to customers instead of Nature & Co products. Not to say Nature & Co products are not good. But i think different brand/categories of products tend to help people to purchase from Hishop more often :D 

Log on to  Hishop ( http://www.hishop.my/ ) for more information and products available.
Like Hishop Malaysia Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/hishopmy?fref=ts ) for more contest to participate =D

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