EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector

Friday, August 16

UV protector is the must for the daily use. I personally hate UV protector as they are sticky. I hate product which is sticky greasy, and oily.  Now, here’s the thing.  I NEVER apply any UV protector on my skin! Even explore to the sun for whole day. I would rather be SUN BURN. Ah Hak!!! You know what...i am so regret now!!!!!!!!!!! I am only 22 years old, but look at my skin age. Head shoot.

Ever wonder putting bird’s nest on your face? Or have you ever try apply  beauty product which infused bird nest? Well, I did!! Few weeks ago, I attended RBN Beauty Workshop. My first thought of Bird’s Nest Beauty Products is “STICKY”. I hate products that feel so greasy and oily. I feel like “Ewwww”.  After realized that, my skin is older than my actual age, finally i decided to apply the very first UV Protector on my skin :D 

EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector is formulated to counter the two harmful ultra violet rays from damaging the skin. EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector develops our skin’s natural defense by improving our skin immunity and also has the capabilities to stimulate collagen III to repair damaged skin. The Swiftlet Nest Extract provides energy to skin cell for self-regeneration, improve skin tone and skin texture. It's a perfect make up base and first step to maintain flawless skin with Titanium Dioxide effectively protect skin from UV damage. It also the important step to prevent pigmentation.

 Key of Benefits:
●Protects from the damages of UVA like aging, pigmentation & skin cancer
●Protects from the damage of UVB like burns
●Builds up the immune system of the skin
●Repairs the damaged skin
●Enhances the production of collagen
●Prevents pigmentation & wrinkles
●No mineral oil & greasiness

A plastic pump container. A classy cube container. I like the design and the packaging their beauty products. Avoid from leakage. The special packaging tend to attract people attention easily. 

 The texture was creamy but non-sticky! It has a light, non-greasy, almost whipped texture, which absorbs quickly by skin. Apply after moisturizer or 15 minutes before outdoor activities. Repeat to apply for the best result.

 I'm super picky when it comes to my face. It can't be sticky, greasy, or smell weird.  EBN Active Stem Cell UV Protector is my VERY FIRST sun protector!! It feels great on the skin. You just make me started to fall in love with applying sun protector!

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