[TRAVEL] 2nd Day (Island Hopping) @ Phuket

Tuesday, August 13

After walking for so much, finally it’s now the swimming and snorkeling  time. Now, here’s the thing. When come to snorkeling, I am crazily out of control. I woke up early in the morning, get myself done. Pray hard for the nice weather. Thank God for not raining (as Phuket was in flood few days ago). I’m gonna rock my 2nd Day! Play like no tomorrow. Time for breakfast.  Looking at the beautiful sky, enjoying my delicious breakfast. Wooh! How wonderful it is if I can enjoy y breakfast like this everyday J Of course, with my love one!

I tell you what. For me, tour guide is very important as they might affect my mood. Whether happy or angry. People always said tour guide is the first impression of a foreign country (Very agree! Hands up Legs up). It’s nothing to do with handsome or not. Feel so happy when I first meet out tour guide of the day, KING KONG. He is so funny, friendly, out spoken. He take good care of everyone of us.Make sure we are safe especially when we are jump from the speed boat :D KING KONG THE BEST! (The one with yellow shirt & Maggi hair XD )

Best thing of speed boat. Get to enjoy with people from different places, if they are friendly enough. haha. Flippers (rubber swimming fins) of different sizes are waiting for RENT /.\ . 200 BATH if not mistaken. Seriously, I don’t even know how to swim somemore need to wear this thing. I’m like a puppy swimming in a pool. Awkward…clumsy….  

In this trip, we did went to several pick point of The Island (can’t really remember all the names). Picture say a thousand words. There is no ways on how to express my feeling towards this lovely islands! The only things I can share with you are pictures! Sorry for some of the low quality pictures. I’m playing with the fish. So…no time for me to take pictures…haha! The water is so clear. CAN YOU SEE?!!! OH MY~ The crystal clear water. It’s like swimming in the swimming pool. This is what we so called the power of nature!

Here's the MAYA BAY! The movie "The Beach" if filmed here. Really miss this place badly >.<

After that, we did go to Monkey Beach! The monkeys are so big and fat! Better keep some distance with them or they might knock your hat using banana! Too many people standing on the bow rider, i don't even have chance to feet the monkey. I end up with eating the banana by MYSELF! /.\

We having our lunch at Beachfront Restaurant at Phi Phi Don. I was wondering if something wrong with my taste bud after drinking of too much sea water. The food at here is totally tasteless. >.<! I'm not the kind that like food with strong flavor. But..but....it's like they didn't use any quelite in cooking all the dishes. Owh well, after lunch, we continue to enjoyed at the Phi Phi Don beach! Overall, this place is nice. Is peaceful. The water is clear. If you wish to have some holidays at island which not much of people and far away from city. Phi Phi Don will be the best choice!

Here come the best part, BAMBOO ISLAND. There's no bamboo over here. If you found any bamboo, sorry to say, u might be at the wrong island :p. BAMBOO ISLAND is the most beautiful tropical island. White sand. Many sexy bodies over here. Swim with he fish , feed the fish with some breads. 


Arghhhh!!! I'm so disappointed with the food. i ordered SUPER SPICY. but the dishes are NOT SPICY AT ALL. =_=.... now i know, not all the thailand food are spicy or maybe only the restaurant don't know how to cook in a spicy way /.\ sob sob

We went for Simon cabaret Show at night. It’s VIP. Thanks to Phuket Travel Company for the VIP tickets. Hiazzz…another disappointment of the day. I know they are beautiful. They wore a very nice costume. Nice makeup. Nice hair style. But the performance are not as good as I thought. When come to singing they , they seemed to be lip-syncing, lazy dancing didn’t match the beats. I just spend money watching some performers doing lip-syncing. They did “sing” different song from different countries (china, Korea, India) and traditional dances of different countries too. 

If you want to know about the price , here it is

 photo blankRectangle640x386_526F672C_zps61cdb726.png


  1. nice pictures. so nice go beach holiday. WAHHH you go cabaret show also hehehe

    1. hahaha!! the beach very nice lo...
      follow friends, no choice have to watch together :p


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