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Sunday, July 7

No matter who you are, we always need some surprise in our life.
I'm a beauty blogger. 
I always update the latest beauty products to all my readers.
Buying beauty products on the market, trying on the products and do review on it.
Shopping seems so normal to me.
Some how, i holds on a belief that "there's always a way for us to save more, be a smart shopaholic" 
Not only for beauty products. We need to be smart when comes to buying products or even services. 

Before making any purchase decision, i did spent a lot of time to investigate the price before purchase.
Comparing the price from one shop to another shop.
Feel shame? Who cares? 
We just being smart instead of spending those unnecessary expenditures.  

Always remember.
Product which is expensive doesn't means it's a high quality product.
High quality product not necessary to be expensive .
Why do we spend more when we can get it with a cheaper price?*
*Think twice*

And now i'm going to introduce you guys a new way to be smart consumer!
Frugality is a integral part of Chinese culture. Or i should say it has been started to be one of the Asian culture now.
I know it's a bit difficult to keep updated with the latest information of promotion.


Introducing you allows you to window shop leading retailers in Singapore, Philippines and MALAYSIA before you go shopping. Did you know that majorities of Malaysia spend their time on online shopping. 

Living in this High-tech Era, with just using your smartphone, ipad, ipod , or even laotop, with just few simple clicks, you can get to know the latest promotion before going out to shop! Log on to now , who knows you may find something that you dream for so long with lower $$ :D

Probably, it a good new for those who are spending most of their time on working. Three reason why you must support and use Save time, save petrol, save money! will be update everyday on the comprehensive pricing, promotion and sales promotion. This show how efficient is! 
Search the Popular promotions and the new promotion of the day! Never miss any prootion that gonna help you to save a lot! Especially girls!!!
Let's be sat together!

What's so special about!! 
Deng Deng。。。
You can search for the latest promotion which is near your area!
Now you know hoe good :)

As a girl, i know girls always have a lot of thing to buy From the A to the Z :p
Anything you want can be cheaper!
Click on the categories to find more :)
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Let's start to be smart!

 ♥ Be Trendy Be Smart 

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