Origin Malaysia Welcome Pack @ Parkson Subang Parade

Thursday, July 18

Went to Origin Subang Parade few hours ago. Just to redeem the Welcome pack! Reached there by 1.30pm. Too bad, guess what happened.

The welcome pack is OUT OF STOCK!! It is only available for the first 200 visitors. Hmmm...The Origin consultant is so friendly and nice. even the welcome pack is already out of stock but the she did a simple consultation session with me. She gave me a lot of advice and the proper way to apply beauty product.

Even the welcome pack is already out of stock. But, the Origin consultant still give me some sample size tester. Let's see what i got from Origin :)

From the Left to Right : "Checks and Balances" Frothy face wash (30ml) , "Starting Over" moisturizer (5ml) , "Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief" serum (5ml) , Eye moisturizer (3ml)

And also a green goodies bag!

Somehow, i never thought that the welcome pack will be out of stock so fast /.\
I wish to try the mask. Any one of you going to Origin Workshop at The Garden??
See you there ya :)

 photo blankRectangle640x386_526F672C_zps61cdb726.png


  1. At 1.30 p.m. of course habis lah - people were probably waiting for doors to open at 10 a.m. lah.

    Just saying lah..

  2. how can so fast ?? they dont have minions also.. haha jk jk


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