My Phuket 4D3N Trip - DAY 1 (Phuket Town Tour)

Saturday, July 13

[21 June 2013]
Ahhhh!!! i've been waiting for today for so so so so long. And Yeah! we reached Phuket International Airport (HKT) at 9a.m!

Get a free sim card at Phuket International Airport (HKT).You can get this sim card at where you collect the luggage.  Sim card is free of charge. Just need to top up into the sim card and you can start using it.

We purchased a Phuket Trip package from day 1 to day 4 from Phuket Travel Company. I would rate ★★★★★ for the services that provided by Phuket Travel Company !!! If i'm going to Phuket again definitely  Phuket Travel Company will be in my list to contact to. 

Since we reached early, we are going for Phuket Island Hald Day Tour. The taxi service is so awesome! The driver pick up us at the airport on time! Wondering which kind of taxi that we are in?
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 
DA DA!!!!!! A super comfortable "taxi" is waiting for us!! "Lup" our taxi driver is the most friendly taxi driver i've ever meet! Friendly from the bottom of the heart. 

  After check in to our hotel. As you can see, Our tour guide (not lup but other tour guide from travel agency) pick us upfrom hotel. We are going  for the Program D. 


Below are the places that we visited. 

Phuket Bid Buddha

Phuket Big Buddha. It located at Nak Kerd Hill, Karon. The famous landmark of Phuket. The giant image of Big Buddha which covered by mables. It looks so beautiful and shiny under the sun. Please do not wear bechwear, short skirts. Or you will be ask to wear sarong which is FREEOFCHARGE! There are still many other figures beside than Big Buddha. Bells are hanging all over the trees. Standing here, take a look at the view of Phuket town! Can you see the sea! It's so clear snd shine like a diamond! LOL
Somehow, Big Buddha is still "under construction". It's been "under construction" for almost ten years. Donation is still needed to complete the construction or else it might need 10-20 years to complete it :(

Wat Chalong Temple
Wat Chalong temple is the largest temple in Phuket. There are several building except from what you see in the picture. Same as the Big Buddha, we need to wear sarong if you're wearing shorts. We have to take off or shoes before enter any building. Magnificent buildings with beautiful people! hahahhahaa...
Saw some couple are taking their pre-wedding photos here :) The view from the top of the building is so nice! Oh ya! Air-cond is provided in the building :D
The Phuket View Point
We can see 3 beaches - Kata Noi, Kata, Karon from Phuket View Point. Phuket view point is such a wonderful place where you can sit at here, feel the wind, and look at the sunset. If you're in Phuket, Phuket View Point should be in your list! Phuket View Point is the second highest hills (my tour guide said) in Phuket. By the way, can you see how clear the sky is!

Cashew-Nut factory.
The staff in Cashew Nut Factory show us how they crack and open the cashew nut by using a machine one by one! Yes, is one by one (i wouldn't have that patience to sit there whole day and crack the nut one by one =.=)  
Next! Cashew-Nut Factry is where i spent a lot of money! The original cashew-nut, garlic flavor, Wasabi flavor, Spicy cashew-nut, Honeyed cashew-nut, coated with chocolate, Cashewy apple juice! The Wasabi cashew-nut is super nice! Beside cashew-nut there are still a lot of native products, wtih spicy or non-spicy. 

Phuket Safari (snake show / Orchid garden / baby elephant feeding / elephant trekking)
This is the best part. Phuket Safari. The baby elephant is so cute. Somehow i feel emotional when i saw them scold the baby elephant :(   Bought a basket of cucumber (50bath) and feed the baby elephant. They are so cute and lovely. You can try the famous activity "elephant trekking" here. Besides baby elephant, there's a mini orchid farm. Not much species of orchid but at least we get to see some nice flowers and take pictures. Here come the scary part. Snake show! you can see how  They are playing with the snakes! siiiii siiiiiiiii 

Phuket Big Bee Farm. I do not like bees. So when i reach this Bee Farm and i was like "why bee farm!" If can choose i'm definitely not going to put this place in my list. But if you're coming with your children then Bee Farm is the best choices for you. You'll get the chance to get close with the bees.  Taste the fresh honey. 

Last stop, Phuket Pearl Factory. Well, what i did here is keep on drinking the soft drink that provided by them. I have to say that jewelry and pearl that sell at Phuket Pearl Factory is very nice but the price is just too high for me /.\ The interior design of Phuket Pearl factory is so beautiful and high-class. Too bad picture are not allow! For those who like to collect pearl definitely you can find something that suit you :D
For me, i prefer spend me day at the souvenir shop. Buy something which under my budget. Hahhaha :p

If you wish to know the price of this Half day trip. Here it is:
One person only 750 Bath :D


Phuket FantaSea

Spent a lot of time walking under the sun and now is time to sit down and enjoy some show! We went to  Phuket Fantasea! The Ultimate Cultural theme Park. Tour guide fetch us at 6.45pm. The moment step in to Phuket FantaSea, i was amazed by the decorations. i feel like i'm back to small time! It's more like fun fair. A lot of games stations, bars, souvenir shops and lots more!
Our package is included with dinner! Buffet dinner that gonna make your stomach explode! To many food to choose. *i will vener order soft drink again-additional charge* Eating in The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant is like eating in a palace. The Restaurant is so BIG!  

1750 Bath per person :)

Here come to the end. Wish i can go back to that day :)

Phuket Day 2 :
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  1. Ya...I hope to go back again too

  2. I stayed in the guesthouse which operated by Phuket Travel Company and I can tell you all the services provided by Andrew and his staff were superb and awesome. =D

    1. yea! They really provide good services!
      Glad that chosen the right travel agency :D
      Thanks for reading ya!

  3. I wish to go back again lo.....Phuket~~~

  4. Two months back we visited Phuket and it was simply awesome. :)
    Really feel like visiting again there


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