Massage Party - The July Project

Sunday, July 7

Today is  a good day! Good day with god mood!
Just back from the Massage party organized by The Butterfly Project
Feel so happy and really Thank a lot for the invitation!

Here's the 3 Superb amazing Collaborator :

Today is the big big day!
I went for the Morning Session and can you imagine how good it is wake up early in the morning, 
and you are welcome by a lot of pink balloons! We are so excited when saw all the balloons are tied up along the stairs! 
Welcome to Amante Nail Spa & Body Care Seri Petaling Brach!

Picture from Butterfly project

I was amazed by the environment of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care! It's such a romantic place. Feel so harmony just like my home :D The moment i step into Amante i can smell the scent aroma which make me feel so relax and comfortable!

Come Come! For those who couldn't make yourself to here, Let's take short view on the environment which gonna melt your heart! Big clap to Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party who did a goob job. I'm love how they decorate the venue. sweet!

*the picture i'm going to show you is UN-MAKAN-ABLE* BAHAHAHA

Picture from Butterfly Project
Picture from Butterfly Project

Picture from Butterfly Project

I wish i can eat those cookies and cupcakes! /.\ they are so cute ..... "Keep Calm And LOve Green". Green is my favorite colour since...erm....since this morning!!! 

And yeah!! Start our Day with Express MAnicure which is not express at all. 

Sitting at this romantic private area and enjoy my Manicure of the day :)
What colour should i apply huh?!!

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care have a wide range of nail colour for us to choose.
You'll definitely find a colour which make your little heart melt.
There are so many colour that we can choose to apply on our nails. 
 Hmmm....thinking for so long! I decided to choose DARK RED!! 
The sexy Minnie Mouse did attract
I'm Disney Supporter :p

Even it's a express Manicure. But, the manicurist did every step attentively. They are friendly. They did give me some tips on how to remove the dead skin and moisturize the cuticles. 
To the lovely manicurist: I'm not sure if you are  reading this post, just want to tell you i'm the one kena sunburnt ... thanks for the awesome manicure! my nails look sexy now..hahaha XD

Tik Tok Tik Tok....
Time to eat !!!!
Those dessert is so Yummy + Cute 
Seriously! I'm deeply in love with the dessert.
The chocolate, the pie, the sandwiches.....Yummy Yummy

Picture from Butterfly project

Here it come!!!!
The moment that I've been waiting for!
Massage time. know what! i tried 2 type of massage XD

First round: Hot Stone Massage
The temperature of the stone : not too hot not to cold
I mean everything is perfect. I really don't feel like wake up even the massage session end. 
Hot Stone Massage is the signature of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
Putting Hot Stone on my wah eh wah
sooooooooooo confortable
Hot Stone Massage helps to release tension which is very suitable for me. lol

Second round: Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage helps to improves mental and physical states and even helps to tackle some health problems. When massage is used to apply with essential oil it also helps to release muscle tension, hydrate skin and immediate relaxing. 
Massage by Profession from Amante really helps to release tension effectively. 

Lastly, would like to say thank you to Photobooth Malaysia
Thank you foe being patience! hahahah
I keep on taking picture.
Can't wait to see those picture taken by Photobooth Malaysia
I like the background so much!
Make me feel like back to baby time. 
Taking picture with a big big smile

Wondering what's the door gift that we received??
CUTe right?!!! 


Helo Girls and BOys!!! Here's an invitation from Amante Nail Spa & Body Care specially bring to you all <3 #Amante is going to have a 3 DAYS open house session for all of you!! HAppy HAppy!!

You can enjoy FREE TREATMENT (Aromatherapy massage / Hot Stone Massage / MAnicure / Lymphatic Detocification Treatment).

Beside from FREE TREATMENT. You can also enjoy up 70% saving for BUY NOW-USE LATER SERVICES.
1.) Nailtek Spa MAnicure / PAdicure ----> now RM68 (np RM228)
2.) Aromatherapy Body Massage 90 Mins for women and couples only-----> now RM38 (np127)
3.) Bellewave Switzerland Instant Radiance & Brightening Facial Treatment ----> now RM71 (np RM238)

DATE: 19/7 - 21/7 (FRIDAY-SUNDAY)

*Bangsar (03 2287 9089)
*Kepong (03 6259 0884)
*Klang (03 3323 6404)
*Petaling Jaya (03 7803 4664)
*Seri Petaling (03 9054 4131)
*Berjaya Timesquare (03 2141 0777)
*Cheras (03 9130 0121)
*Kota Damansara (03 6141 7613)
*Mont Kiara (03 6203 0221)
*Puchong (03 8062 2652)
*Subang Jaya (03 5621 3922)

Mark it on your Calender! Bring along your family and friends and visit Amante Nail Spa Body CAre :D

Feel so sleepy after Massage!
Good night world :) 
Sweet dreams 
Mucci Mucci


  1. great pampering session.. :)

  2. Wah so fast you post haha. I went for the afternoon session, it was a nice relaxing day, but kinda feel soar muscles everywhere! haha

    1. me too.. especially at the shoulder /.\
      I have a great sleeping night after massage ... lol

  3. wow! so fast update d hahaha banyak efficient la u :D

    1. halo Lizzie Lizzie!!!
      I Too happy with the massage XD
      reach home then blog immediately

  4. so fast and effcient lah you, hehe! Nice meeting u there darling, hope we can meet again in the future ^_^

    1. halooo!!
      sure we will meet next time :)
      Bahu i sakit lagi lah..hahaha

  5. Hi Tracy... we met in the afternoon session. Hey, they let us eat those cookies and cupcakes at the end afternoon session. Yummy!


    1. Arghh!!! Really !!!!!
      Yeeeee...i want the Amante cookies la :(
      They look so yummy and they told me only for decoration ..
      Sob sob

  6. Nice post Trislynn :)

    On behalf of the butterfly project, we are so happy that you come and enjoy the event.. Thank you for the kind support!

    1. thank you ~~
      Will always support Butterfly Project :)
      Hope can be a part of butterfly project too :D


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