Malacca Bird Park / Melaka Bird Park

Thursday, July 4 Malacca, Melaka, Malaysia

The first open aviary bird park in Malacca and has the largest aviary in Malaysia. It will be the only bird park IN THE WORLD to have the largest collection of Malaysia bird species. The Malacca bird park is also home to bird species from other region such as South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Somehow, one of the worker told us that many birds die due t can't endure with Malaysia weather =(   Malacca Bird park is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. It is surrounded by Ayer Keroh forest. 
Nature Lover ?? Like to take picture?? Here's the right place for you to visit. 

Heading to Malacca with my "lady". 

Malacca Bird Park is too difficult to find. Even GPS also can't find the exact location. Curiosity lead us to the right place. This place is located in "remote place", for me. Before we depart from hotel, we try to ask for some information about Malacca but NO ONE KNOW ABOUT IT. AND THEY SHOW US THE WEIRD FACE AND SAY " MALACCA GOT BIRD PARK MEH?!! MALACCA WHERE GOT BIRD PARK O..." Seriously, i am not satisfite with the way they reply ...Colourful plants along the road. Malacca weather is extremely hot. The sun illuminates every corner of the land. =D
Nice weather , nice mood ♥

The building looks like.........Beijing National Stadium?!!!
Okay, my first impression is " wah, so big lerh ... so high class, it doesn't look like a bird park" 
The environment is so harmony and make me feel so comfortable

A mini river and pond is built. Take care f your children or they may fall into the water and swim with the fish! Malacca Bird Park should clean the mini pond and mini river. The water is not clean /.\
My god ... now only realized my leg so dark 

Welcome to Malacca Bird Park !!!
Air-cond ... wohoo!!

Malacca is having a promotion. Only pay for 50%. 
Visit Malacca Bird Park on Weekday or weekend.
It's worth to visit Malacca Bird Park. 

Birds in Malacca Bird Park is free to fly every where. They are close to us. Please do not bring any foods in or try to feed them. Your food might be make them dead. Lockers are provided just beside the ticket counter. And yes! smoking is not allowed. 

Every Tuesday, Thursday and saturday ... Malacca Bird Park is provided with a free tour ( Courtesy of the Malaka State Government) It's free!! Bring along your family member and rock Malacca Bid Park out! 

Big counter with friendly staff! 
Look how happy the red colour shirt lady is. 
She is satisfied with Malacca Bird Park service.
They talk in a soft and proper manner.

This sign board is a bit big for me. They listed 19 location in the map. But when i enter the Bird Park, i was like "/.\ .... it's not like what i imagine The biggest in South East Asia ?? BUT, YOU WILL DEFINITELY AMAZE BY THE NICE VIEW ONCE YOU ENTER!

Amazed by the green view...
I can feel the tree , the birds,the grass , the insects whispers!

Lazy of climbing all the stairs?!!
No worry! You can take the elevators!
**Aircond provided*
Melacca weather is soooo hot! 
Enter the elevators whenever you're hot.

Skywalk with 7.8 meter high!!
Okay, i know some of 
I can't explain how much i enjoyed the scenery so much! 

There's a "place" or i should call it "cave" behind the waterfall.
It seems romantic to stand behind the waterfall with your loves one.
Taking picture...chit chat...HUG HUG!! LOL

run in the Bird Park.
Chasing all the birds.
Talk to the birds :D
I'm like back to small time

The best part when visit Melaka Bird Park is,
We get to feed the birds, take picture and record at the very close distance!
awww...these birds are so cute!

Many parents bring their children here , playing with the birds and gain knowledge at the same time!
Parents should do this more as to increase the interaction with their children. Nothing is more important than spending the time with children.

Some birds are in the cage to avoid them to hurt visitor.
Some birds are still not so familiar with the environment. They might hurts people when they feel uncomfortable. 

Take a more clear view of Melaka Bird Park by standing on the Skywalk.
See the birds eating happily and peacefully.
Erm..somehow you need to becaeful with the bird "shit" =.=!

This guy...
He is so so so friendly, he bring us to walk around the park voluntarily.
We did not ask him to do so, but he's friendly enough!
He bring us to search for the most expensive bird in the park.
Explain some the species of the birds to us! 

Malacca Bird Park is no as big as what i think. But i did like the environment of the bird park. I get the chance be get closer with all the birds! Standing on the skywalk and looking at the birds fly all over my head! Blue colour bird, yellow, pink , red and blue. So....after spending of few hours there. I really feel so comfortable with the environment. I sweat a lot. LOL

Now, Malacca Bird is Doing a 25% discount. 
By following the 4 easy step!!
Log on to their Facebook now!!!

Melaka Bird Park Facebook Page :
Hotline : 06-2330333

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  1. Looks damn pretty leh! But i scare of birds.. hahahah!

    1. Lol...they don bite ppl...but they shit on.ppl head ==

  2. Thanks for sharing, Nice photos!!
    Keep blogging!

    1. Thanks for reading ya:D

      Appreciatie it a lot :)

  3. Wah, i don't know about this Bird Park, but i think it's worth to spend time with my family, there...from your photos, i can feel the clean air and i like the green scenery. It's looked so calm with the sound of birds.. :)
    and owh ya! I really love that cave behind the waterfall, looked so peaceful ! Wanna go there !

    1. Haha!! I like standing behind the cave too... the water splashing everywhere XD

      Must go must go...even the place not very big , but still a good place to visit :)

  4. I am from Melaka.. and i don't know there is a bird park here.. haha, can i know the exatc location. it is so beautiful! :) keep blogging..

    1. Hi Wana~~ It's just opposite to Zoo Melaka
      The place is quite inside...u need to drive a long way inside...XD
      u might think u drive to wrong place but just keep driving u will see a sign board :D


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