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Thursday, July 4

I'm the kind that like to buy mask.
For me, Face mask is a incredible product.
Put a mask on face before going to bed.
My skin become so smooth the next day morning. 
That's why we need mask.
Somehow there are many kind of mask on the market. 

Holika Holika Holiday Vita Daily Mask  provides essential vitamins and nutrients to skin for better overall health. This pack mask are recommended for daily use  for a better result. 

I choose VITA B - for Acne Improvement
Suitable for: Acne Prone Skin
The effect of the mask is : Anti-acne, Oil Controlling, Soothing

There are 10 pcs of mask in one pack. It is suitable for me as i can bring it to anywhere. Especially when i go for a trip. 10 mask in one pack just help me to save my space and i can just store it in any place.
Open it and pull out the mask just like pulling a wet tissues. I like the scent of the mask. It's so refreshing. 
Somehow, there are still something that i do not like. The packaging of the ask is nice. But the problems is we need to use all the ask in less than 1 month time. As the essential is going to DRY OFF.

Ingredient: Vitamin B derivatives, Portulaca extract, Bamboo Extract, Aloe Vera leaf, Witch Hazel Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Blettia rhizome Extract.

All the essentials are been absorb by the normal white colour cotton mask that we normal use. 
Like what you can see in the picture, The mask is not moisture as other mask.
All the essential are "gone".
I'm not sure wether the mask is less moist compare to others mask or the essential has been turn into "gas".... pheewww /.\

I put on the mask before i go to bed. But the mask is just so dry. The mask just cant stick on my face probably. There are still some space between my skin and the mask. /.\

Still 9 pieces to go still i finish all the mask. The mask is so dry 
It's like already putting on my face for half an hour. 
i just bought the wrong mask.

Not to say it did not help to moisture my skin. 
It did boots up my moisture level of my skin 1% ==
Better than nothing.



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