Free 500 Celcom Wifi Portal For Traveler at Jalan Duta Toll Plaza

Friday, July 26

Yesterday morning ( a moody morning), i was on the way to attend a beauty event. 
Driving has become  my daily life routine.  More than 50 kilometers per day. 
Turn on the radio, sing and shout in the car, the mini concert. 
I know it look weird singing in the car /.\
But beside singing i don't know anything else i can do anymore.
Here come something special happened when i passed through DUTA TOLL.
I saw someone standing beside the counter and  giving out flyers to all the car drivers.
Button of "curiosity" turn on! They put on sun permeated with brilliant smile.

And yeah! It's my turn now! Scrolled down the mirror and see what they going to give me!!!
Ah hak! Received a very cool flyer which offering a FREE PortaWifi device by Celom! 
You know what, FREE things always make people feel so excited. I am definitely go and redeem the PortaWifi later, why not? We can enjoy by surfing net even when we are in  the car, not for driver except when car in stopped. 

Below are the name of the participating Toll Plaza:
1)    Sungai Besi Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
2)    Batu 3 Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
3)    Jalan Duta Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)

Celcome is giving out 500 FREE PortaWifi. Make sure you do look out and ready to get this amazing offer from them! It's FREE! Let's give it a try. Add some sweet memories and happiness while you are driving for a long distance.

Going out to redeem the free PortaWifi right after this. Wait for my next post! 

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  1. This morning I drive through why dun hv geh... /.\

    1. dear kakak christine, it only for yesterday =)


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