Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream and Stem Cell Facial Toner

Tuesday, July 30

After many years hunting the best formulation to keep skin beauty, founder Suzana Khalek finally found the formula of marine plant extracts that can stimulate the cells to produce cell culture transformation known as 'Callus'. Unlike other collagen products, Annisue supplies marine plant stem cells to renew the skin cells and boost natural collagen growth. Indirectly, this process stretches the skin because it is rich in plant mineral nutrition, nutrients and amino acids to stimulate innovation and generate new cells while neutralizing free radicals. 

It heps to moisturize and tine the skin. Refresh and softens the skin texture.Helps to brighten up the skin tone, leaving the sin fair and healthy looking. Please click HERE to order.

A toner with nice rose scent. I really like the scent of this toner. It's so refreshing. RM15.90 for a 135ml toner is so reasonable and affordable. I apply this toner day and night. This toner brings a long term effect. It helps to hydrate the skin. It brings a obvious changes on my skin right after i apply this toner on my skin. 

Picture below shows how my pores minimized after apply Annisue Stem Cell Facial Toner. The apparance of pores on my face (left) has reduced much more than my (right) face. 

Looking for product to use for Night Time? Here's a night cream that you should try on. 

Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream 5g RM25. Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream is formulated to reduce pigmentation ans clear blemishes. Use it as a night cream to even the skin tone and improve radiance of the skin!  Please click HERE to order.

Yellowish cream in a round container. Cover up by a plastic protection cover.  The cream do not have a strong scent but only a light refreshing rose scent. The texture of the creamy is abit sticky but after apply on skin it's definitely not oily at all. 

Formulated to reduce pigmentation and clear blemishes. Use it as a night cream to even the skin tone and improve radiance of the skin. I would like to say this cream is so awesome where by it helps to sooth my skin on the next day after i apply the Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream.

My face become fairer and smoother after apply Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream. The non-greasy texture ensure it to be absorb by skin immediately. 

If you have a pimples or acne skin, choosing a best product which suitable for your skin is very important. Do not keep on changing and trying any new product. Seek for a consultation or advice before using any product!

So far, i would say Annisue product is the best product so far I've used. Especially the  Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream. Apply before sleep and wake up with super smooth skin. Start my day will healthy skin =) 

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