Dian'Z Flora Mask

Wednesday, July 31

Recently. I've tried a peel off mask called "Dian'Z Peel Off Floral Mask". Come with a simple design. Mask filled in a plastic bottle. People might worry about the quality of the product because of the not so attractive container.

Dian'Z Floral Mask is a produced in Malaysia. It's HALAL. So far i do not have any itchiness or redness on my skin.  

Price is RM62 now!!!!! not RM65   =D

 The texture is different if compare with other brand peel-off mask. The texture of this mask..hmm...it's like "gum"... (=.=) ... i mean it's sticky. It is smooth and there is no other object or substance in it. Lavender scent .... yay yay!

How to apply?
1.) Prepare your skin,clean the skin and prepare it for the application of your peel off mask
2.) Apply your mask, spread  more or less uniform thin layer of cream on your dried skin.          Avoid contact with your neck, eyes, eyebrows and those zones where the hair starts          growing, so once removing it you do not pull out unnecessarily some hairs
3.) Wait for the mask to get completely dry all over your face. Generally, it takes from 15-       20 minutes for the mask to get dry. If it is not completely dry, you will have difficulties to remove it in an easy way. 
4.)  Start removing the mask from down to bottom gently

Apply in on face. As you can see, after few minutes, the mask is getting to dry off. It's sticky. So you can see blackheads is like getting out from the pores and stick on the mask.

How to check if the mask if it's already dry? Cubit your face. See the lines appear on your face. Yess, you may take it off from your face now...XD...hahahaha

Wait the mask completely dry off, then, remove the mask from the bottom. Ouch!!!!!
Now you can feel how strong the mask is! Not so pain but is did work much more better than other peel off mask. I like how it stick on my skin. At least i can feel something which better than nothing. LOL


This mask just help me to take out all the stubborn blackheads from my skin!  Awwww...
Gonna buy again next time!

If you are interested to buy.
You can contact:

 Name: Noor Azianida

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Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream and Stem Cell Facial Toner

Tuesday, July 30

After many years hunting the best formulation to keep skin beauty, founder Suzana Khalek finally found the formula of marine plant extracts that can stimulate the cells to produce cell culture transformation known as 'Callus'. Unlike other collagen products, Annisue supplies marine plant stem cells to renew the skin cells and boost natural collagen growth. Indirectly, this process stretches the skin because it is rich in plant mineral nutrition, nutrients and amino acids to stimulate innovation and generate new cells while neutralizing free radicals. 

It heps to moisturize and tine the skin. Refresh and softens the skin texture.Helps to brighten up the skin tone, leaving the sin fair and healthy looking. Please click HERE to order.

A toner with nice rose scent. I really like the scent of this toner. It's so refreshing. RM15.90 for a 135ml toner is so reasonable and affordable. I apply this toner day and night. This toner brings a long term effect. It helps to hydrate the skin. It brings a obvious changes on my skin right after i apply this toner on my skin. 

Picture below shows how my pores minimized after apply Annisue Stem Cell Facial Toner. The apparance of pores on my face (left) has reduced much more than my (right) face. 

Looking for product to use for Night Time? Here's a night cream that you should try on. 

Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream 5g RM25. Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream is formulated to reduce pigmentation ans clear blemishes. Use it as a night cream to even the skin tone and improve radiance of the skin!  Please click HERE to order.

Yellowish cream in a round container. Cover up by a plastic protection cover.  The cream do not have a strong scent but only a light refreshing rose scent. The texture of the creamy is abit sticky but after apply on skin it's definitely not oily at all. 

Formulated to reduce pigmentation and clear blemishes. Use it as a night cream to even the skin tone and improve radiance of the skin. I would like to say this cream is so awesome where by it helps to sooth my skin on the next day after i apply the Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream.

My face become fairer and smoother after apply Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream. The non-greasy texture ensure it to be absorb by skin immediately. 

If you have a pimples or acne skin, choosing a best product which suitable for your skin is very important. Do not keep on changing and trying any new product. Seek for a consultation or advice before using any product!

So far, i would say Annisue product is the best product so far I've used. Especially the  Annisue Multivitamin Treatment Cream. Apply before sleep and wake up with super smooth skin. Start my day will healthy skin =) 

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Dettol Raises RM20,000 for Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR) in the Spirit of Ramadhan

World Leader in antiseptics, Dettol teamed up with established Malaysian Retailer Mydin to raise RM20,000 for non-profit organization Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR).

Elevating hygiene standards and shaping a healthier Malaysian community has always been an essential part of Dettol's initiatives. Educating and building awareness among Malaysian households on the day-to-day essential hygiene steps also play a strong role in its campaigns. 

Dettol is a trusted brand in antiseptics proven to effectively kill bacteria, and provides expert protection against germs. Trusted for generations by families and medical professionals around the world, Dettol was first manufactured and launched in 1932. 

Dettol has since evolved t include products for personal care and home care. Dettol's current range includes shower gels, bar soaps, hand wash, disinfectant sprays, wipes, laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners. 

RACTAR foundation provides full board and education for girls aged between 5-20 years. Apart from primary and secondary school, the students are also given the opportunity to train in vocational skills after they turn 17. The home currently houses about 60 girls.


Mr raghu Krishnan, Sales Director of Reckitt Benckiser said that, they are delighted to be working with our trade partners to spread awareness on proper hygiene practices especially with Raya and festivities around the corner. More importantly they are pleased to have our consumers be so supportive in this charitable cause even more so during this month of giving.

Dettol's people is teaching children from Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR) the correct way to wash their hands. Do you know the correct to wash your hands? 

On behalf of RACTAR, Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Puteri Nor Zehan received a cheque of RM20,000 presented by Mr raghu Krishnan, Sales Director of Reckitt Benckiser and Encik Mirza Murad Ali of Mydin.

Group photo after the mock cheque presentation the children of  Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR). 

Can you see how happy the children are when get to Shopping for their coming Hari Raya Celebration =) They were accompanied by Dettol's mascot "Dettol Boy".

The campaign rolled out nationwide in all Mydin retail stores from June through July 2013. With every RM10 worth of Dettol products purchased, Dettol donated RM0.10 to charity.
2 more days to go! Buy Dettol and share your love!

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FREE PortaWifi from Celcom [REDEEMED] =D

Saturday, July 27

Yesh!! Finally I've redeemed the PortaWifi from Celcom TTDI branch.
Celcom first data brings new meaning to the seamless acess with PortaWifi. Whether you're on the road, in office or on the go, this device help you to connect to the net all the time. Who say Wifi is not applicable in car?
There's no greater time to get it! the portaWifi would be really useful for that drive back "kampung" this Raya when you want to stay connected while on the go. Makes every journey an enjoyable one! 
If you're wondering what a PortaWifi is, listen up! PortaWifi by celcom is a device that let's you enjoy your very own personal Wifi wherever you go! Riding on Celcom First Data plan, you can use the PortaWifi at home, outdoor on your laptop, and even in your car!

Tried the PortaWifi at my house and car. 3-pin adapter for PortaWifi at home. Car adapter and charger for PortaWifi at car. Make sure the blue light are on. Then, you can start enjoy your journey with FREE Wifi. 

Ahhh!!! i am so excited! Finally i can connect to wifi and use my GPS in my phone. No data plan?? Now i got wifi in car! no worries! hahahaha 

Benefit of this PortaWifi:

▶Share Wifi Access with up to 5 devices at once
▶Surf at speed at up to 21Mbps
▶Get up 10GB data
▶With the widest coverage of the fastest network

If you don’t get a flyer at the toll plaza and still interested in getting a PortaWiFi device, this is a good time to grab one! Celcom is having a promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWiFi when you sign up with their Celcom First Data plan and enjoy a total of up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills.
To find out more on their promotion, click HERE =D
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Free 500 Celcom Wifi Portal For Traveler at Jalan Duta Toll Plaza

Friday, July 26

Yesterday morning ( a moody morning), i was on the way to attend a beauty event. 
Driving has become  my daily life routine.  More than 50 kilometers per day. 
Turn on the radio, sing and shout in the car, the mini concert. 
I know it look weird singing in the car /.\
But beside singing i don't know anything else i can do anymore.
Here come something special happened when i passed through DUTA TOLL.
I saw someone standing beside the counter and  giving out flyers to all the car drivers.
Button of "curiosity" turn on! They put on sun glasses...be permeated with brilliant smile.

And yeah! It's my turn now! Scrolled down the mirror and see what they going to give me!!!
Ah hak! Received a very cool flyer which offering a FREE PortaWifi device by Celom! 
You know what, FREE things always make people feel so excited. I am definitely go and redeem the PortaWifi later, why not? We can enjoy by surfing net even when we are in  the car, not for driver except when car in stopped. 

Below are the name of the participating Toll Plaza:
1)    Sungai Besi Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
2)    Batu 3 Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
3)    Jalan Duta Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)

Celcome is giving out 500 FREE PortaWifi. Make sure you do look out and ready to get this amazing offer from them! It's FREE! Let's give it a try. Add some sweet memories and happiness while you are driving for a long distance.

Going out to redeem the free PortaWifi right after this. Wait for my next post! 

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Hari Raya is all about seeking and giving forgiveness, renewing oil ties, mending severed relationships, visiting family and friends and of course - the feasting after one-month of fasting. Sunway Pyramid's Realms of Raya is indeed extending our "Salam from the Heart", providing the magic of Hari Raya for all to enjoy. Both "Salam dari Hati", "salam from the heart" video is available on the mall's Youtube channel =)

This Ramadan and Syawal, Sunway Pyramid is embarking on a campaign to reach out to everyone to reflect upon the spirit of festive season by remembering the true meaning of singularly beautiful act of salam (handshake). 

  A Turkish-inspired dance performance to also welcome Datuk Seri Razman Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group, Mr. HC Chan, CEO, Sunway Shopping Malls & Theme Parks, Tv personalities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and his wife Sheahnee Iman Lee, along with invited guest.

The Lower Ground 1 of Sunway Pyramid Main Concourse is "transformed" into a Mini Grand Bazaar from 19 July till 18 August, as shopper are immersed with elements of both Eastern and Western influences. 

She is the beautiful M.C on the day =)
Mr. HC Chan, CEO, Sunway Shopping Malls & Theme Parks
Performance by Turkish-inspired dances
Turkish-dances will be perform during weekends and public holidays, at 3pm (5pm on 8, 9, 10 August). Turkish dances are colourful and refined, filled with rhythm and vibrant movement.

Turkish delight and the "dondurma"- turkish ice cream that served by Samet Aksoz, a Turk who has been residing in Malaysia for 10 years. The "stretchy" and sticky texture and resistance to melting make "dondurma" a joy to eat. 

Tv personalities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and his wife Sheahnee Iman Lee and also their lovely daughter. How lovely is it when listening them talk about how salam change their life. Even they are both from different background, salam did bring them to be more closer to each other. 

And yeah!!!
The Realms of Raya are officially launch!!!!
Everyone is happy :D

The mini Grand Bazaar with pure balance of colours and various geometric patterns. Shoppers will delighted with an array of stylish Hari Raya fashion including gifts and hampers, colourful baju Kebaya, Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu, adoring kaftans and elegant songket, from some notable outlets in Sunway Pyramid including Laura Mercier, crabtree & Evelyn, Rimba, Cold storage and Famous Amos. The mall is also bringing in Sofia Iman, one of the prominrnt songket and Baju Melayu producers in Malaysia. 

Here are something that you should not miss!

The Realms of Raya enjoyment continues with the Charming Raya Collectible Redemption items. From 19 July -18 August, shoppers who spend RM600 in 3 receipt (Rm500 for HSBC Cardholder), will be rewarded with a pair of exclusive Turkish-inspired hand printed ceramic bowls, which come in different colours each week. 

Spend RM150 in a single receipt (Rm100 for HSBC Cardholder), will receive an exclusive set of Raya Packet.

Besides that, start from now until 1 September, shoppers will stand a chance to win a Trip to Turkey and over RM100,000 worth of prizes & shopping vouchers when they spend RM250 in one single receipt (RM150 for HSBC Cardholder). 

HSBC the official partner for Realms of Raya in Sunway Pyramid.

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