Why i need a massage?!

Friday, June 28

The 3 Brands that you SHOULD NOT miss for the month of JUNE & JULY.

Photobooth Malaysia

Need a photobooth or mini studio at your place?? 

Their service included:
- Guest Book
- Instant Printing
- Album Printing
- singer / Emcee / DJ
- Photography service
- Props renting and sale
- Photo post processing
- Cinematography service
- Customized photo frame for door gift 

Photobooth Malaysia Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/PhotoboothMalaysia
Photobooth Website: http://www.cvsproduction.net/
Contact Number: 012-7344714 / 0125005272

 Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Amante NAil Spa & Body Care provides a range of services carefully selected to create a sanctuary   for women. I've been for many times. Manicure...Padicure...Massage...The 3 things that i'm not gonna miss when go to Amante NAil Spa & Body Care. Try for the first time and you will go for the second time :D

Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AmanteNailSpaBodyCare
Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Website: http://www.amantenailspa.blogspot.com/
Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Email: amante.spa@gmail.com

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

A bubbly and fun party Planner! 
Looking for party planner?? Why not try "ASK JOEY" Out !!

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party  Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AskJoeyTheSweetestParty
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party Contact Number: : 017-780 6939
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party Email: sweetestparty.joey@gmail.com

On the coming JULY...these 3 brands are going to collaborates and come out with a MASSAGE PARTY

 SO, it's something like Party with massage ??? 
or Massage with party ???

ANYWAY!! This party is going to be on 6th of July 2013!
10.30am until 5.30pm
8 hours!!!!! I'm gonna spend 8 hours with lovely girls and rock the party out

Here's come a question: Why i need a massage?!

I'm a girls who living in a hectic student lifestyle! Girls get emotional easily. When i'm emotional...i get angry...when i get angry i can't concentrate...when i can't concentrate i fail to make things done...then i feel sad..when i sad my mum sad too...when my mum sad she can't concentrate to do  her job...then she will get scold by her boss...the my mum's turn to be emotional...my dad will be worry on my mum when he saw my mum emo...den my dad will be very busy in order to make my mum laugh ... BLA BLA BLA
It's very clear that i need massage so much! Massage help me to release tension and stress. When no stress no people when get sad and emo. Me happy , mummy happy , daddy also happy! 
Massage make my family become peaceful... LOL

"Demi keamanan keluarga, pilihlah saya!"

The next thing is i believe that massage can make me slim. Went to Amante on May. One of the massage therapist advised me to do massage more often as i will help me to slim down! yea! I want massage because i want to slim down! I want to look sexy! Amante massage Therapist use product that make me feel so refreshing. They are professional! I feel so comfortable when they are massaging my back! I trust them more than others massage therapist. 

"Demi keyakinan saya, pilihlah saya"   

I'm just cant wait to attend the massage party! Start thinking on what should i wear on that day. Short pants?? Bathrobe?? Need to put on makeup???


See you guys there!!!!!


  1. awwh! hope you can go!! sadly i can't because it's far from where i stay, and i'm still a student..

    1. hehe!! thank you!!
      owh...nvm you can join the next project! are you going for tomorrow spa party??

  2. Demi keamanan keluarga, pilihlah saya?! LOL

    1. Hahahaha!! Keamanan keluarga very important >.<

    2. Hahahaha!! Keamanan keluarga very important >.<


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