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Sunday, June 9

I am going to Phuket, Thailand on this coming June 21-24. 4 Days 3 nights trip.  OH MY GOD!!!
This is the first time i am going to oversea. I know it's near, but Phuket is one of the "dream place" i always wish to go. I am so so so happy that i am going there very very very soon! 

This time i am going to travel with this lady again =D

I'm Ready!!!
I'm ready to fly!!!
I'm ready for the sea!!!
I'm ready for the sun!!!
I'm ready for the seafood!!!
I'm ready for shopping!!!


This is the first time i going to Phuket!
You been there before?? I am still blur and thinking how to arrange my time.
Something interesting you can share with me??
Please do leave me a comment if you have any idea or you been there before =D

Before flying to Phuket, there are something that i wish to buy!! So, there are 4 item for my June Wishlist!! 

♥ My Wish List 

1.) Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother (RM 52.80) - PHUKET is extremely hot. I need something that can help me to revive my skin. It is intensely hydrating and quick absorbing. 

2.) Flip Flop - I want to buy a pair of flip flop. High heels is not suitable for traveling. I need a "wearable" and "walkable"  flip flop. Walking for whole day long make my leg hurts. Pink Flip Flop in my wishlist!

3.) Kimono Cardigan (Maroon) (RM69) - this kimono Cardigan is so nice and sexy! i like the maroon colour so much! This kimono Cardigan is thin and easy to dry! It's very suitable to wear in PHUKET!

4.) Swinwear - I need some special and beautiful swimsuit that really fit me. i wish to get some nice plus size swimsuit like others country =( I always having problem in looking for the sexy , nice , beautiful, fashionable  swimsuit. I like H&M brand from other country swimsuit so much!!!

5.) Canon Eos 500D- I wish to buy a camera to capture down all the best memories! 

Join and win yourself a souvenir pack from Phuket! 

 I am doing my very first giveaway! Since i am going to Phuket for the very very very first time. I am going to give out a "surprise souvenir pack" choose by me and it will fly all the way long from phuket to your house 
Kawan-kawan semua. Jom join!! 
**only for malaysian**
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  1. No wonder that day you buy the after sun soother haha! Enjoy and safe flight :))

  2. Replies
    1. really?!! gonna google some information and arrange my time and go for a visit :D thanks for reading ya!!

  3. Phi Phi Island is a must go place! teehee aiyo thought I comfirm got souvenirs d XD

  4. Place that i wish visit perhaps Phuket temple.

    For your Phuket trip, you can check at Jamies Phuket Blog @

    1. i saw the pic of phuket temple! it's so nice !
      i subscribed to jamie facebook page too :)
      He gt everything in details

  5. Hmm~ I didnt been Phuket before, I also wish to go like u~ Enjoy ur safe trip ya~

    1. hehe!! thank you!!
      sure you'll be going there some day.
      And thank for reading too..:p

  6. have a great trip!

  7. never been to Phuket before :/

    wish to visit there one day!

    safe flight and hace loads of fun! :)

    1. thank you girl :D
      sure you'll go for phuket with ur love's one one day!

  8. never been to Phuket before but google some info for you, the 10 THINGS TO DO IN PHUKET!

    Have a safe flight! take care!!

    1. you were just so kind my dear <3 <3

      thank you ya :)

  9. i never been to Phuket leh. really wish to go! Hope to get your souvenir! :P Have fun anyway!

    1. faster ajak ur frens or family go play together.. hahahha!!
      thanks for supporting darling <3

  10. i never been to there too! have fun ya! =DDD

    1. sure sure :D not going to sleep and play for 24 hours!

  11. I want to go phuket for the sea

    1. sea........i like sea toooooooooooo..

      feel so good when playing in the sea!!


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