Why i need a massage?!

Friday, June 28

The 3 Brands that you SHOULD NOT miss for the month of JUNE & JULY.

Photobooth Malaysia

Need a photobooth or mini studio at your place?? 

Their service included:
- Guest Book
- Instant Printing
- Album Printing
- singer / Emcee / DJ
- Photography service
- Props renting and sale
- Photo post processing
- Cinematography service
- Customized photo frame for door gift 

Photobooth Malaysia Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/PhotoboothMalaysia
Photobooth Website: http://www.cvsproduction.net/
Contact Number: 012-7344714 / 0125005272

 Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Amante NAil Spa & Body Care provides a range of services carefully selected to create a sanctuary   for women. I've been for many times. Manicure...Padicure...Massage...The 3 things that i'm not gonna miss when go to Amante NAil Spa & Body Care. Try for the first time and you will go for the second time :D

Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AmanteNailSpaBodyCare
Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Website: http://www.amantenailspa.blogspot.com/
Amante NAil Spa & Body Care Email: amante.spa@gmail.com

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

A bubbly and fun party Planner! 
Looking for party planner?? Why not try "ASK JOEY" Out !!

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party  Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AskJoeyTheSweetestParty
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party Contact Number: : 017-780 6939
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party Email: sweetestparty.joey@gmail.com

On the coming JULY...these 3 brands are going to collaborates and come out with a MASSAGE PARTY

 SO, it's something like Party with massage ??? 
or Massage with party ???

ANYWAY!! This party is going to be on 6th of July 2013!
10.30am until 5.30pm
8 hours!!!!! I'm gonna spend 8 hours with lovely girls and rock the party out

Here's come a question: Why i need a massage?!

I'm a girls who living in a hectic student lifestyle! Girls get emotional easily. When i'm emotional...i get angry...when i get angry i can't concentrate...when i can't concentrate i fail to make things done...then i feel sad..when i sad my mum sad too...when my mum sad she can't concentrate to do  her job...then she will get scold by her boss...the my mum's turn to be emotional...my dad will be worry on my mum when he saw my mum emo...den my dad will be very busy in order to make my mum laugh ... BLA BLA BLA
It's very clear that i need massage so much! Massage help me to release tension and stress. When no stress no people when get sad and emo. Me happy , mummy happy , daddy also happy! 
Massage make my family become peaceful... LOL

"Demi keamanan keluarga, pilihlah saya!"

The next thing is i believe that massage can make me slim. Went to Amante on May. One of the massage therapist advised me to do massage more often as i will help me to slim down! yea! I want massage because i want to slim down! I want to look sexy! Amante massage Therapist use product that make me feel so refreshing. They are professional! I feel so comfortable when they are massaging my back! I trust them more than others massage therapist. 

"Demi keyakinan saya, pilihlah saya"   

I'm just cant wait to attend the massage party! Start thinking on what should i wear on that day. Short pants?? Bathrobe?? Need to put on makeup???


See you guys there!!!!!

My Date with Yves Rocher @ Garden Lifestyle Cafe Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, June 18

As a Lilac Box 3 subscriber I feel so great to join second date with Yves Rocher in conjunction with TheLilac Box. Attended alone and i'm shy to speak to people. Really hope can get to know someone :D Waiting for the third date, and i'm gonna enjoy like a queen! Everyone smile so sweet during the photography session. All of you are so friendly and feel great to spend my time with Yves Rocher!

It's held at Garden Lifestyle Cafe, Sunway Pyramid. Nice environment with friendly people. The space is decorated with Yves Rocher product! The moment i step into the room i can smell the scent of the Yves Rocher products. It's like doing aromatherapy. LOL 
Everyone enjoyed themselves so much. Taking picture... chit-chatting ... Trying all those tester ...
Few booths are settled up for us to  get to know each product range.

I would say that. This is the best event that i've ever attended! Started my explore on this event vy taking a picture! wahhh.......i'm cure in the picture..LOL
Hope to know more friends...so that i can take picture with more friends and not alone anymore /.\

You can enjoy a VIP or what we called a luxuries Spa even in home. Start with Exfoliate. Then, shower! After that, continue with Moisturize. Lastly, Spray on! Love your skin. You deserve a better skin! 

Tried several type of lotion from Yves Rocher. Peach, Olive Oil, Strawberry..... Lotion from Yves Rocher is not so sticky when compare with others. They absorbed by skin easily. The scent of the skin is so refreshing and nice! Yves Rocher have the range which suitable for those who like sweet and also range which suitable for those who like natural scent. Well, for me....Olive is my best choice! Non-sticky and easy absorb by skin. The scent is so refreshing. Even guys may like it too.

There are some Yves Rocher friendly "consultants" teach us the proper way to apply the lotion on our skin. These consultants give me a lot of opinion and advice. They answered all my doubt. They  are so helpful.  

All of us received a special passport. We answer the question in the passport. Then discover scent that suit me. After doing the test, this is what i got : "you are romantic, dreamy and somewhat vain. Personal relationship are the most important to you. You like flowers, candy, and walk by the sea. Probably you had a pink colour room in your childhood"

Went to Yves Rocher Store at Sunway Pyramid. Wide product range are selling at Yves Rocher Store. Now, is time to discver the perfect foundation that suitable for our skin. Different people have different skin type. Yves Rocher have different foundation for perfect skin. 

Nice day, Nice mood. Let's see what I've got on that day. 
Olive Oil shower Gel. I love the scent. After using Olive Oil gel, Rose is not my first choice anymore!! 
Olive Oil Silky Lotion. Moisturize my skin. 
Naturelle De Toilette! My flavored! 
Yves Rocher Member Card! Lifetime (weeeeeee!!)

See this?!! my skin in older than my actual age!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UV Spot...pengsan /.\  i never use any sunblock because i feel uncomfortable with the sticky texture。 Hmmm..seems like i need to start apply sunblock. 
Acne /.\ ..... really no eye see

Please do support Yves Rocher.
Yves Rocher Malaysia Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MyYvesRocher?fref=ts

Want to subscribe a wonderful beauty box?
Log on to http://www.thelilacbox.com/ and subscribe your beauty box now!
Invite your friends too. Share the happiness :D

Phuket !!! Giveaway!!!

Sunday, June 9

I am going to Phuket, Thailand on this coming June 21-24. 4 Days 3 nights trip.  OH MY GOD!!!
This is the first time i am going to oversea. I know it's near, but Phuket is one of the "dream place" i always wish to go. I am so so so happy that i am going there very very very soon! 

This time i am going to travel with this lady again =D

I'm Ready!!!
I'm ready to fly!!!
I'm ready for the sea!!!
I'm ready for the sun!!!
I'm ready for the seafood!!!
I'm ready for shopping!!!


This is the first time i going to Phuket!
You been there before?? I am still blur and thinking how to arrange my time.
Something interesting you can share with me??
Please do leave me a comment if you have any idea or you been there before =D

Before flying to Phuket, there are something that i wish to buy!! So, there are 4 item for my June Wishlist!! 

♥ My Wish List 

1.) Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother (RM 52.80) - PHUKET is extremely hot. I need something that can help me to revive my skin. It is intensely hydrating and quick absorbing. 

2.) Flip Flop - I want to buy a pair of flip flop. High heels is not suitable for traveling. I need a "wearable" and "walkable"  flip flop. Walking for whole day long make my leg hurts. Pink Flip Flop in my wishlist!

3.) Kimono Cardigan (Maroon) (RM69) - this kimono Cardigan is so nice and sexy! i like the maroon colour so much! This kimono Cardigan is thin and easy to dry! It's very suitable to wear in PHUKET!

4.) Swinwear - I need some special and beautiful swimsuit that really fit me. i wish to get some nice plus size swimsuit like others country =( I always having problem in looking for the sexy , nice , beautiful, fashionable  swimsuit. I like H&M brand from other country swimsuit so much!!!

5.) Canon Eos 500D- I wish to buy a camera to capture down all the best memories! 

Join and win yourself a souvenir pack from Phuket! 

 I am doing my very first giveaway! Since i am going to Phuket for the very very very first time. I am going to give out a "surprise souvenir pack" choose by me and it will fly all the way long from phuket to your house 
Kawan-kawan semua. Jom join!! 
**only for malaysian**
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss & Cheek Blusher (Cupcake Pout)

Friday, June 7

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss & Cheek Blusher (Cupcake Pout) 
It is available at HiSHOP @ RM80

Now HiSHOP is having a promotion. 
You can get this item @ RM34.90

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss & Cheek Blusher is in a small size.
Perfectly sized to take with 

Girls like product with mirror.
It's so convenient for girls :) 

  • Made in Italy
  • Use this to smudge onto cheek or tap onto lips
  • Contains castor seed oil & beeswax 
  • Comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror
  • Packaged in a cute pinky box
Smudge it onto the cheek and tap it onto lips for a very exciting wash of colour. 
Contains castor seed oil & beeswax for their moisturizing properties.
Enables you to achieve smooth and even spplication. 

It's DARK RED!!!
It might look scary ...
But after apply on lips 
the colour change 

Before and after apply.
After applied on lips, it doesn't look so red.
It's more to "dark orange"??? /.\
My lips look more to dark..
Sometimes, even some lips gloss and lipstick can even cover my dark lips
For people who do not ike the texture of lip gloss, shiny lipstick...I am highly recommend this
My lip size upgraded to XXL ...LOL
It's thicker than before 

My Hishop Ambassador Program May Pack 【THE PINKY PURLY CUTIE PACK】

Thursday, June 6

After waiting for so long, i decided to collect the "HISHOP AMBASSADOR PACK - MAY EDITION"   
HISHOP an online beauty and cosmetic store. 
Order Online from "HISHOP" click ***HERE***

i) 3 full size products
ii) 2  voucher 

RM 80
***** 118 hours left to grab this at RM 34.90 ***** CLICK HERE
  • Made in Italy
  • Use this to smudge onto cheek or tap onto lips
  • Contains castor seed oil & beeswax 
  • Comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror
  • Contained in a cute pinky box

RM 79
***** 118 hours left to grab this at RM 34.90 ***** CLICK HERE

  • Made in Italy
  • Cruelty-Free Commitment
  • Green Commitment 
  • Integrity Commitment
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen provides protection against UVA/UVB rays
  • Made in Vitamin E
  • Fragrance Free

RM 18

  • Enriched with Vitamins B5 & E and Wheat Germ Oil
  • Leaves hand feeling clean, soft and virtually germ-free
  • Do not tested on animals
  • Anti-bacterial

I feel so disappointed to Pos Laju Malaysia. 
Parcel Reached Pos Laju Batu Cave on 29 May...i wait unti 5 June ... /.\ the parcel are still "in the processing process"

Hishop Ambassador May Pack
I like the Hand Cream and the Mineral foundation.
For me, the supermodel stain smell weird.
I do not like the colour of the stain as it doesn't look natural at all.

Starbuck issue again?!!

Tuesday, June 4

Bring our own Starbuck Tumbler and enjoy 50% off for Frappucino Drinks!


I am a Starbuck Freak! 
Yesterday ( or i should say few hours ago), i went to Starbuck AEON Metro Prima Branch with my beloved dearest BABE
We bought a Tumbler @ RM33!!

It's Monday and should be 50% on all Frapuccino Drinks.
We ordered "Java Chip Frappuccino" 

We get Tumbler Discount @ RM2 instead of 50%
It should be RM7.50++ not RM13.80
We pay for almost double of the actual amount.

Blur Cashier HuH ?!!
I'm not the kind that use to check on the receipt after pay!
Lucky my friend check the receipt..
We bring the receipt and ask the other Starbuck worker.
We are not making a complaint , we just ask nicely 
and yea ... they ask us to have a sit and they gonna settle for us.

Tik Tok..... Tik Tok.....
Within 3 minutes, a Indian worker come to us and apologies.
I can feel the Indian guy is nervous and shaking...LOL
He said , he is failed to refund the money into my Starbuck card,
so they give us a Starbuck Voucher.

Starbuck Voucher that can be use for ANY DRINKS, ANY SIZE, at ANY OUTLET.

Moral of the story : I should check the receipt after pay! =.=!! 

I'm not the only person who faced this kind of problem.
There are some people who faced the same problem at other branches.
But unfortunately, they didn't get satisfied responds as mine. 

Starbuck should take action and avoid this happen again. 

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