Why I want a Havaianas!

Tuesday, May 21

I want a Havaianas!!!

I want a Havaianas!!!

I want a Havaianas!!!

Can you imagine how comfortable it is. Wearing a pair of flip flops on  leg, go for a shopping, watch movie, hanging out with friends or even have a walk at beach after a week of standing and wearing high heels! Our leg need to rest. I am wearing high heels for 5 days a week , just to make sure i am always look good. Some how, wearing high heels make my muscle feels pain.

Havaianas Flip Flop is the best choice! "Wearable" and "Walkable" flop are what we needed. Of course we need a flip flop that protect our feet from being hurt. Havaianas Flip Flop is made from 100% rubber. The flexible sole of Havaianas Flip Flop help us to blend our foot easily as compared to those rigid flat flops. 

Havaianas Flip Flop always attract girls heart! Havaianas Flip Flop offered wide range of style, colours and patterns! Flip Flops are "In" and fashionable. We can rock with ANY CASUAL OUTFIT with a pair of flip flops IF THEY ARE MATCH! Girls spend so much on pedicure.Wear a pair of Havaianas Flip Flops and show how sexy our toes look like! Yea..The reason i spend so much on pedicure is to show off how my sex toes look and say hello to fresh air!

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