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Tuesday, May 14

Subscribed for thelilacbox 3 few weeks ago!
The moment i open the box i really feel a bit disappointed >.<
I thought it would be something more than just a beauty product.

Thelilacbox 3

Reusable box with a sexy lace ribbon.

Cover Up with Pink Colour Paper
Environment Friendly Box
Max Factor - AGELESS ELIXIR 2in1 Foundation + Serum

5 Packs of Light Ivory Colour, 5 Packs of Natural Colour
This product helps to instantly covers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
While the serum works to protect against the sign of ageing. 

Phyto Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm

Specially designed for relaxing the hair and softening permed and naturally frizzy hair. 

Yves Rocher Rose Fraîche Shower Gel

Enriched with Aloe Vera gel, it's formula is ultra mild on skin and leaves it delicately scented.

SeeBy Chloe Perfume
PAYOT Pâte Grise and Spéciale 5

Dries and purifies at the end of their circle, making them disappear as fast as possible.

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother appearance and firming facial contours.


  1. love the lacey touch on the box. but the products.. hmmm.. didn't turn me on.

    1. Before they send out the parcel, they said "need someone to help me hold the box"..but the moment i open the box i did feel abit disappointed >·< ... i tot it will be something special

  2. 4 full size products? not bad~~

    Mind exchange link with me via GFC?

    1. Hi, only yves rocher shower gel in full size..others in sample n tester size..>.<

      Sure sure ... :)
      Thanks for reading too :D

  3. i just got the box and man it's heavy!

    and i just couldn't resist sneaking in here to have a peep what's inside >.<

    1. Hahaha...before i receive the box..i log in to my account and i take a look before i receive the box..XD

  4. I agree with you, i'm not very amazed with this box. :/ Unfortunately.

    1. too high of expectation...aikss
      i thought it will be something different >.<
      but i think some ppl might happy with the brand of the product


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