Lavender Solid Perfume Compact @ Crabtree & Evelyn

Thursday, May 30


LAVENDER SOLID PERFUME is packed in a small white bag. 
 I do call this as multipurpose bag. Can reuse it again and again :) 
Open the bag, and i can smell a very strong weird smell.

  • wax blend holds a high level of scent
  • contains conditioning aloe leaf extract
  • alcohol-free base is perfect for dry skin
  • Formulated without mineral oil, parabens, phthalates or propylene glycol

What i feel after using this product :
This Lavender Solid Perfume do not have a strong scent. Or i should say this Lavender Solid Perfume is not refreshing enough. The scent is more likely to "plastic" smell. This solid perfume NOT SO STICKY, but to achieve a stronger smell i advice to put more on skin. It is good for dry skin as it is alcohol-free. I dab it on pulse point across neck, wrist. Hmmm, wish the Lavender Smell can be stronger. 

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