Unboxing Tea Party (Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall)

Tuesday, April 9

Unveiling April's project. A collaboration between Bag of Love & Delectable Su.

I would like to review and go to the Bag Of Love, Unboxing Party!!!
Hmmm...there are several of reasons why am i sooooo desperate to join the Unboxing Party

1.) I am a beauty product fans... Wherever there is a beauty product , there is Trislynn Chan.
I collect a lot of beauty product then i make a review on it

2.) i have several of cute camera. Every event need camera girls to record every moment .
Well, i am the cute camera girl.
I might not be able to capture down the HD picture
but at least my camera are "friendly" for everyone.
If i am invited for Unboxing party, for sure i will capture down every single moment as my memories
3.) I'm just born to party. I'm a 22 years old girl. I am chubby. I am friendly, I am insane.
I am active. I am cute. I enjoy my life.
I am so proud of myself.
***Btw, i am the 2nd one from left....hahahaha***
4.) Hmmm...maybe you need something different
Instead of beauty maybe you need some ugly to join the event to show that
"beauty is not only from outside, but inside of a girl is very important too"

5.) I'm a new blogger. I record every places i went, product i tried and food i ate.
Reached 777 view,  it a good achievement for me
And i need some motivation!!!!
Please choose me to join the Unboxing Party!!!!
P.L.E.A.S.E~~~~~~~~~~~ /.\


  1. Replies
    1. write out whatever in my mind...hope to be selected T.T

  2. Hahahah nice! I should starting thinking on my content dy XD

    1. hahhaa...squeeze my head so hard just to think all the reaso XD

  3. babe! im here~~ btw, what is unboxing party? drink and shake? =P

    1. im happy you're here!!!
      It's a tea party where they will invite some beauty blogger
      They will have fun at there
      All about beauty product :)


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