Sushi King Breakfast

Tuesday, April 9

Hmmmm... Just wondering 
Is there anyone willing to having their breakfast at sushi king????
Well, maybe i should give it a try :)

Tamagogayu  Rm4.90 [326Kcal]
Kitsune Soba Rm8.90 [330Kcal]
Salmon Roll Rm9.90 [344Kcal]
California Roll Rm7.90 [366Kcal]
Mini Udon + Temaki Set Rm7.90 [266Kcal]
Healthy Breakfast Set Rm8.90 [129Kcal]

Feel like trying the healthy Breakfast Set..
Look so yummy yumy :p

There is nothing moe important than having ahealthy breakfast every morning. Sushi King are now ready to prepare various healthy breakfast menu to supply you nutrition and energy.

Still, there are some term and conditions.

  1. Sushi King breakfast is only available until 11.30am ONLY
  2. Sushi King breakfast is available on weekdays ONLY (except weekdays and public holidays)
  3. Kaiten shushi & A'la Carte menu, Set Meal and beverage & Dessert menu will not be served during breakfast session
  4. Sushi King breakfast is only available at Sushi King Sunway Pyramid, Sushi King Jusco Kepong and Sushi King KLCC


  1. oh i like to try the udon and california roll!!!

    1. california roll....
      Sushi roll make hungry :D

  2. Wow I'd like to try it out! hehehe :D

    1. yea yea...look tempting!!!
      look at the sushi just make me hungry..
      especially at this hour of time


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