Soy Milk Body Wash

Tuesday, April 9

I always look for a body wash that smell like a baby
I have tried a lot of brand 
what i found out is:
Nice smell, but the smell never last long
Arrgghhh....What a great disappointment 

Currently using a SOY MILK BODY WASH
where i get it from SASA
"Scentual Pleasure"
This body wash definitely give me a baby smell which i have look for a long time.

This Body wash contain soy protein. It is a gently body wash and Give hydration to your skin at the same time.
Soy bean offers hydrating and softening possibilities for restored radiance and beautiful, touchable skin. 

I've use this body wash for few days. The smell of the body wash did last longer.
It is suitable for person like me who always sweat a lot.
Now, even my friend also say i smell like a baby Sweet it is.
Feel like giving a hug for everyone :D
A milky body wash.
Yes, i smell like a baby.
and someone just love me like a baby :)

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