Thursday, April 11

ULTRA COMFORTING CREAM from L'OCCITANE sooth sensitive skin. ULTRA COMFORTING CREAM is specially formulated for sensitivity skin. 

ULTRA COMFORTING CREAM gently moisturize  by using Shea butter , organic cotton extract .

ULTRA COMFORTING CREAM immediately soothes and reduce the redness due to the concentration of Liquorice extract.

It helps to sustains the level of skin hydration level up to 24 hours. 

It help to sooth away the redness and irritation of the skin AND protect skin fragile fro everyday elements

NO perfumes, no colorant, no alcohol and no preservatives which is the enemies of sensitive skin.

Opalescence cream 
The mixture of the cream is not thick
Not feeling Sticky
Not feeling Oily
Some people might wonder how is the smell..
hmmm....you can't smell anything
Definitely suitable for sensitive skin. 

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