Happy Bee Farm, Genting Highland Attraction

Tuesday, April 23 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

There is a Bee Farm at Genting  Highland which already operate for almost 4 months.  Many people never realized about it. You guys should come and take a look :)

Happy Bee Farm operate daily from 9am to 7pm. Below are the rate for visitor. 

The environment of be farm is so nice and beautiful. 
Feel fresh with the Genting weather.
Decoration of Bee Farm is so Friendly and comfortable.
Children will definitely love spending their time over there.

In Happy Bee Farm we can or we called it Insect word. Which we can see many types of insects and bees. 
you can also get some chances to try their product, food and drinks at their Retail and Cafe.

I am going to introduce the product that you can be find in Happy Bee Farm Retail Shop. There are a lot of product selling over here. And each have their own benefit for our health.

HONEY STICK - childer lover. Rm68 for 30 sticks 

 PURE HONEY - Prevent constipation problems, facilitates the digestion, enhances metabolism of lung, throat   as well as our stomach

Ginger Honey - Reduce phlegm and helpful for those who suffers from cold cough, reduce wind in stomach

Ginseng Honey - is best for blood circulatio


  1. Woots I really didnt know there's a bee farm in genting! But I think no ppl willing to go with me :(

    1. yayaya...it's just near the entrance of Genting view resort...
      go and find some friend go genting then when go back sure will pass by there...
      gt alasan to visit le..XD


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