Crabtree & Evelyn : Lavender Linen Mist + Lavender Fragrance spray

Friday, April 19

Today is a Happy Happy Day.
Went to Mid Valley and then only i realized Crabtree & Evelyn is having a promotion sales.
People are buying a lot of their product. I mean A LOT.
Hipee, im a shopaholic so i did buy something for myself.

I bought some Fine Food from Crabtree & Evelyn @50% discount!!!! 
From Left : Oat and Fruit Crumbles ---> Rm20 (Original Price Rm40)
Mini Biscuit Set ---> Rm77.50 (Original Price Rm155)
Levender Mist + Lavender Fragrance spray ---> Rm88 (original Price rm113)

Lavender Linen Spray (300ml)

The Liquid of The Lavender Linen Mist is just so clear.... 
The scent of The Lavender Linen Mist not too say strong, but the scent is just so fresh. It really make me feel relax. 

Direction : Hold bottle at arms length from fabric. Spray lightly and evenly all over. 
Iron as usual. Always test a small patch of fabric prior to using. 

It snuggle up with soothing effect of our Lavender Linen Spray. This gently mist infuses fabric with a refreshing Fragrance blend of Lavender, sweet violet, tonka bean and musk. So, whether you're sleeping soundly or up and about , the scent of English summers will always surround. 

Of course, you can Spritz on blankets, sheets and Pillow ( Like what i did in the Picture). Then , you can enjoy your sweet dream~~~ You can also Spray on fabric as you iron. Or, even pair with Lavender Room Spray for twice the Pressure :D

Lavender Fragrance spray (100ml)'s 1:05AM now...
Time to Bed~~~~ *Yawn* *Yawn*
Lavender Room Spray help to transfer my room with the fresh, uplifting scent of Lavender. 

*******Even the scent do not stay until next day, it still make me feel so comfortable *******

Sweet Dream everyone~~ 


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