Nature Republic Bloggers Review Campaign - NATURE REPUBLIC BLACKHEAD BRAKE 3-STEP KIT

Monday, April 29

I feel so amazing when got the chance to joined Nature public Bloggers Review Campaign organized by OnlyBeauty. OnlyBeauty is a new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing "beauty" to everyone using new interactive method. OnlyBeauty delivered freebies & discount voucher to your doorstep, they provide latest beauty product information, views and promotion news, they do organised contest & product event for their beloved members. Do like OnlyBeauty Facebook Page for more updates and information.

Are you a Nature Republic Lover?? Now, show your love by clicking "like" on Nature Republic Malaysian Facebook Page. Now, you can even purchase your favorite Nature Public Product Online. Log on to Nature Republic Website now and choose your favorite product now!!

 NATURE REPUBLIC BLACKHEAD BRAKE 3-STEP KIT. It is suitable for all skin type. It helps to purify the skin, manages dead skin cells, provide nutrition, and rotect skin from further damage. Improve various troubles of pores and makes look bright and clean. Deeply cean the pore and leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores.

Use it after cleasing your face.
This smoothing toner gently dissolve blackhead and open pores so that blackheads can be released to the skin surface
This smoothing toner smell good as like other brand Smoothing toner too :D

For me, This peel off sebum control pack is slightly different with other brand of peel off product.
Nature Republic Peel off Sebum control pack is MORE STICKY compare to other brand.
And it took LONGER TIME to dry off *if you put it in a thicker layer form*
Well, there is something i am not so comfortable with is the scent of this white mask. 
It's harsh for me :( 

This serum help to tighten up skin on my nose as y pores enlarged after blackhead removal.
I like this serum as it REALY WORKS ONLY SKIN.

As you can see, the peel off mask is "clean" . It did not really help to clean the black head from my nose. But it did help to brighten up my skin. Hmm..looking forward for some improvement. :D

Hishop Beauty Ambassador Programme - April 2013

Saturday, April 27

Are you a blogger?? 
If you have blog, share your links with Hishop  in exchange, you will be reward with 500 Hishop Point per post.
Log on to for more information :)

I am pleased to join Hishop Beauty Ambassador Programme.
Hishop [ pronounced as hai-shop] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry Genuine Product and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone - anytime anywhere.

I received Welcome Pack from Hishop.

Here it is...The outlook of the box of the Welcome Pack from Hishop
Like other people said, it looks like gone through a lot of hardship. LOL

Products are wrapped by THICK BUBBLE WRAP.
*thumbs up* 

Here's the products that i received in the Welcome Pack.
Really can't wait to try them.

RM20 Voucher of Hishop

Milk A Deal Voucher

Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light (Rm58.90) -----> Left
Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light (Rm58.90) ----->Right

Nature & Co Vital Purify Lift Mask (Rm88.90)

 Scent Affair Fragrant BodyWash - Almond Oil (Rm7.80)
**If you are looking for a body wash that moisture your skin with a long lasting scent, this is the one!!  

Nature & Co Pure Facial Foam (Rm32.90)
 I love the scent of the product!! It's really nice!!

JENG JENG JENG!!!!!!!!!!!
***CODE EXPIRED 30 JUNE 2013***

You may subscribe to Hishop's Newsletter
Show your support clicing "like" on Hishop Malaysia Fans Page

Happy Bee Farm, Genting Highland Attraction

Tuesday, April 23 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

There is a Bee Farm at Genting  Highland which already operate for almost 4 months.  Many people never realized about it. You guys should come and take a look :)

Happy Bee Farm operate daily from 9am to 7pm. Below are the rate for visitor. 

The environment of be farm is so nice and beautiful. 
Feel fresh with the Genting weather.
Decoration of Bee Farm is so Friendly and comfortable.
Children will definitely love spending their time over there.

In Happy Bee Farm we can or we called it Insect word. Which we can see many types of insects and bees. 
you can also get some chances to try their product, food and drinks at their Retail and Cafe.

I am going to introduce the product that you can be find in Happy Bee Farm Retail Shop. There are a lot of product selling over here. And each have their own benefit for our health.

HONEY STICK - childer lover. Rm68 for 30 sticks 

 PURE HONEY - Prevent constipation problems, facilitates the digestion, enhances metabolism of lung, throat   as well as our stomach

Ginger Honey - Reduce phlegm and helpful for those who suffers from cold cough, reduce wind in stomach

Ginseng Honey - is best for blood circulatio

Crabtree & Evelyn : Lavender Linen Mist + Lavender Fragrance spray

Friday, April 19

Today is a Happy Happy Day.
Went to Mid Valley and then only i realized Crabtree & Evelyn is having a promotion sales.
People are buying a lot of their product. I mean A LOT.
Hipee, im a shopaholic so i did buy something for myself.

I bought some Fine Food from Crabtree & Evelyn @50% discount!!!! 
From Left : Oat and Fruit Crumbles ---> Rm20 (Original Price Rm40)
Mini Biscuit Set ---> Rm77.50 (Original Price Rm155)
Levender Mist + Lavender Fragrance spray ---> Rm88 (original Price rm113)

Lavender Linen Spray (300ml)

The Liquid of The Lavender Linen Mist is just so clear.... 
The scent of The Lavender Linen Mist not too say strong, but the scent is just so fresh. It really make me feel relax. 

Direction : Hold bottle at arms length from fabric. Spray lightly and evenly all over. 
Iron as usual. Always test a small patch of fabric prior to using. 

It snuggle up with soothing effect of our Lavender Linen Spray. This gently mist infuses fabric with a refreshing Fragrance blend of Lavender, sweet violet, tonka bean and musk. So, whether you're sleeping soundly or up and about , the scent of English summers will always surround. 

Of course, you can Spritz on blankets, sheets and Pillow ( Like what i did in the Picture). Then , you can enjoy your sweet dream~~~ You can also Spray on fabric as you iron. Or, even pair with Lavender Room Spray for twice the Pressure :D

Lavender Fragrance spray (100ml)'s 1:05AM now...
Time to Bed~~~~ *Yawn* *Yawn*
Lavender Room Spray help to transfer my room with the fresh, uplifting scent of Lavender. 

*******Even the scent do not stay until next day, it still make me feel so comfortable *******

Sweet Dream everyone~~ 


Etude House: Nymph Aura Volumer in #2 (Pearl) Brilliant Nymph Aura

Tuesday, April 16

If you skin is always dry, dull and not adhesive to makeup, even after puffing with blusher.
Maybe you can try this product :D
Somehow, it recommend you NOT TO USE this product if you having OILY SKIN

Make-Up Multi Cream maximizing the radiance and dewy  on skin, completing flawless skin with plumped up moisture 

This product has a strong scent which i call it "girly" smell. People who don't like product which fragrance , you may skip this product. But, i like the smell as it make me feel so "girly".... hahahah  

It configures with pearl powder to create mesh structure and improve reflection and luminosity. 

Apply evenly on skin with 1:3 mix of BB cream or foundation. 

Make sure that you bllend it perfectly before apply to your face :) 

The best way to produce skin glow effect is pat lightly WITHOUT RUBBING & PRESSING when applying onto skin. Use index, middle and ring fingertips only to mix and apply. After foundation application, dispense the fingertips and gently thin out by rubbing together wit fingertips of opposite hand. 

After apply the cream, my skin become more shiny. It looks pearly and dewy. 

The pearl particles and moisture combination promote light reflection.
You can see a obvious differentiation of BEFORE and AFTER applying the product. 

However, this product is not so suitable for me due to my skin condition. My skin is SUPER DUPER OILY and this product just make my face get oily even faster. /.\

For more information, Please log on to their Facebook Page MY ETUDE HOUSE

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