Cetaphil for Acne Prone Skin

Monday, April 1

Recently , my skin just getting worst. Oily + dull + and acne are all over my skin.

I have seen a lot of good review and responses on this product.

Cetaphil product is Efective , Gentle and Doctor recommended.Today, Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers are recommended by more dermatologists and pediatricians than any other brands. 

Last week i bought Cetaphil cleanser which is suitable for my skin. It steated thee Oily Skin Cleanser. For combination or acne prone skin. i bought it from Guardian. It cost me rm55. It might be expensive than other brand cleanser. But, since it get a lot of good reviews. I feel like give it a try. 

Cetaphil Cleanser won't clog our pores. It help to remove the dirt and oil on our surface skin.  

Squeeze some on my palm. the Non-comedogenic leaves skin with a fresh feeling and without feeling of irritating. 

We can that this product is made in Canada. 

i've been using this product for one week. It really help to clean my skin gently. The effect was awesome when use it as double cleansing product. whereby can use it as a make-up remover also. This product is so good as it functioning 2 in 1.  after using this product, my face really become more clean and feel fresh. 
Sometimes, i did apply some m ake-u on my face. first, i use Cetaphil as make-up remover to clean all my make-up on my face. Next, squeenze a little on my palm and gently massage it on my face, clean off all dirt and oil.
This product is just so convenient for me. Save time , save money. 


  1. I heard this stuff works wonders! and it definitely convinced me after reading your review..

    1. yea...one of y friend using this product for 2 years.
      her skin now is just smooth like an egg >.<


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