[REVIEW] SIMPLE Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes

Thursday, March 28

My face was still consider not bad (except of having some freckle) until 2 years back 2011. I am soooo sad and surprise when the acne problem  is getting serious. Acne getting to grow on my face. Large pores, black head, white head, oily skin................all this problems appear due to high pressure of study and too active in outdoor activity. Sometimes i did squeeze the pimples or acne on my face. And damn!!!!! Scars problem again...........zzz..........I use to Travel here and there, Spend almost 8 hours in school, Jogging, walking, Malaysia Bad weather and dirty air......I sweat a lot even in my room when air-conditional is off. The moment i walk under the sun i sweat. This lead to oily skin, oily hair, then acne skin. Excessive oil on my whole face and i just can't take it. I've been try out a lot of product which is specially design for acne skin like me. 

This is the picture of me on 2011   ↖(^ω^)↗

And this is me on year 2013   (@﹏@)~ 

I have  oily skin. So, i have to always make sure that my skin is clean, and finally i found a cleansing wipes which make me feel so fresh and comfortable. It did help me to clean off all the dirt and oil  on my face. As i am active in outdoor activities.This cleaning wipes really good for me.

Simple Clear skin oil balancing cleaning wipes. It helps to control shin on face and feel fresh. 25 wipes in each packet. Highly recommended.   

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